This was an all student run film for our Expressions of Blackness cultural night at St. Mary’s College of California. Please enjoy our own rendition of Beyoncé’s 7/11 in solidarity with black women who are erased from the Black Lives Matter movement.

Produced by Rachel Hartley SMC class of 2017
Directed and choreographed by Nakia Gibbs SMC Class of 2017
Cinematography and editing by Molly Baker SMC Class of 2007

Dancers: Alakoka Kailahi, Tamarah Thompson, Ugochi Ajuonu, Rachel Hartley, Aubrey Williams, Briona Moss, Kailee Gloer, Jamie Anderson, Kentaly McCurdy, Joelle Bassett

Actors: Emily Klingingberger, Earsy Crockett, Rachel Hartley, Nanai Schroeder, Katherine Manley, Briona Moss, Janay James, Nakia Gibbs


Baker Beach OOTD

Tasty Tuesdays!

Hello there bloggerverse! Ashley here, one half of the Tasty Twinzies duo! I’d like to welcome you to our blog where we hope that you will find delicious recipes, baking inspiration, culinary advice, and plenty of laughs. I’m going to introduce us separately below so you can get an idea of who we are as individuals and then who we are as a pair of twinzies!

           First up is Chantelle. She is British-American originally from the beautiful city of Nottingham, so she says things like “bonkers” or “the loo” all in an adorable English accent. She lives with her handsome hockey loving husband, her cat Pebs, and her Kitchen Aid Mixer. She likes to use Google to see how she should describe herself. She’s a fellow Disney Princess living high above Orlando, Florida. Some of her favorite things to bake and perfect is a simple vanilla cake as well as her family’s old recipe for quiche. Some of her culinary idols include the amazing Gordon Ramsay, the beautiful Nigella Lawson, and the super cool Jamie Oliver.

           Second is myself, Ashley who is a born northern Yankee with southern charm. I say darlin’ and hun way too much especially to strangers. I live between Hogwarts and Cinderella’s castle right here in Florida, with my three dogs, too many cats, and my best friends: my culinary torch and my pink Kitchen Aid Mixer. I live off of iced coffee and cereal. I’m chronically single as well as a Spoonie. Some of my favorite things to bake are cupcakes and anything that is S’mores related. My culinary idols include but are not limited to: Alton Brown, Simon Majumdar, & Gordon Ramsay.

           As a whole we were lucky enough to find each other in the sunshine state and realize how much alike we are even though we come from different families and different countries! We both are fiery Leos, passionate bakers, Disney dorks, perfectionists, tattooed, and more importantly we’re fun! We love to laugh as well as sing to Britney Spears loudly in the car. While we may create messes in the kitchen, the end results in delectable desserts and treats. At the end of the day we smell like vanilla and have a ton of flour in our hair!

We hope to see you back real soon cupcakes and muffins! xoxo

About a Girl || Baker&Julia&Ray

It’s about time that Ray’s bar is opening, and Baker is in route. In tote he has his little sister who he intends to proudly introduce. He did say he was going to bring her in one day, and even if Ray has mentioned possibly meeting her before he insists. He always will, it’s the polite thing to do. Besides, he’ll be with some of his favorite people, minus Charlie who he last was with on look-out duty. If he could have dragged her along, Baker would have, but there will be no drinking today so she’s not missing out.

“I know he says he met you in the Market.” It could have been another Julia, but Baker already doubts it. Ray put the connection together, they look plenty similar, and the description Ray gave him told Baker it was her that he did meet. He looks to his side at her, flashes his signature smile and loops an arm around her shoulders. “Buuuutt, as your big brother, I would like to officially introduce you both.

And he will, because Baker likes to present his sister like she’s the best damned thing they could ever meet. Only look, though. No touching.

He bounces in his steps when they enter the familiar space of the bar, he leads Julia in and asks her curiously, "Have you been here before?” If she says yes, he’s going to ask with who and when and if any boys were involved. He pulls his hands from his jean pockets and walks up to the bar counter where he can see Ray is setting up for the day. “Hey, bartender,” he calls, grinning something fierce. “I brought a special someone with me.”

Turned 19 on May 10th (aka Mother’s Day). The amount of text messages, calls, and posts/pictures people posted on my timeline was ridiculous. I felt so loved. Saadia, Kyle, and Joris took me out for breakfast and gave me such wonderful gifts- a candle, 3 (nicely packaged/designed haha) Lindt chocolate bars, 2 Essie nail polishes from Saadia and a very regal journal + an assortment of brush pens from Joris and Kyle. Tooba got me a NARS lipstick in the color Janet (a very pretty bold pink) and a MAC lip liner in Soar. And Maham, Shruti, and Charmie got me cute jelly flats with black bow detailing from Ted Baker. 

My brown girl group (aka brownbabes) want to take me out to Cheesecake Factory to celebrate and just ugh.

More than all these material things, I’m touched that they’re thinking of me and appreciate me as a friend. I’m so touched alhamdullilah I have so many amazing friends. 

Even my brothers were planning on coming out to surprise me for my birthday and though they couldn’t come because of car problems, I literally cried because their intentions were so sweet. 

Alhamdullilah alhamdullilah.

Untitled #25 by i-r-r-f-a featuring a volumizing mascara ❤ liked on Polyvore

Girls On Film pink bow back dress, $59 / SPANX panty hose stocking, $38 / Salvatore Ferragamo patent leather shoes / Blue Nile 14k earrings / Forzieri pearl pendant / Ted Baker tech accessory, $45 / Hourglass Cosmetics lips makeup / Charlotte Tilbury volumizing mascara / Eyeko eyeliner