A little something I did based off the musings of teroknortailor.

This was originally going to be Kira as the model, but it sorta morphed into someone else that vaguely resembles her…

Anyway brief drawing of what some of the ancient Bajorn’s would use to do to help stimulate/channel their pagh, the earring of course is a much more economical and conventional artifact of this. However I’m sure there are some Bajorn’s that still practice this full body piercing, as it it an indigenous aspect of their religion.

I imagine that they all correlate with some sort of pressure point… but then again I like to think the piercings may have changed during curtain periods/and regions so idk.

btw probably gonna get to posting some requests sometime this week depends on how well I stop procrastinating and study.


Here is a true story that might improve your mood today. Long, long ago, on Star Trek Deep Space Nine, there were two awesome characters that were very best friends. Kira was a female Bajorn, while Odo was a shape-changing alien that presented as male. They were awesome together. Soul mates. But Kira had love/sexual relationships with others and never noticed Odo was in love with her. 

A lot of fans wanted Kira and Odo to end up together, but the two actors behind the characters were adamant that it shouldn’t happen. They both loved the friendship of the two characters and were worried that romance would ruin the dynamic.

On the show, Odo finally revealed his love for Kira, but also decided to stop pining for her. He distanced himself and even had an affair with someone else. At one point, because of some decisions that were made by Odo, the two became estranged.

Eventually, the friends reunited and in the final two seasons of the show had a loving, dynamic romantic relationship.

In the video below, Nana talks about why she didn’t want the romance and how she lost the fight with the writers, but is glad she did.

Anyway, my point of all of this is that sometimes actors say things that upset fans because they have in their minds a certain way they want things to go for their characters that might run counter to the views of part of the fandom. But in the end, it’s the showrunner and writers who decide where the characters will go with their interpersonal relationships.

Note: I’m a non-shipper when it comes to D/C. I love their friendship and soulmates vibe. But if the TWD writers do decide to get them together and do a good job, I’d go with it.