I'm leaving in tomorrow; my friend starts running the blog tonight

His name’s Bailey and he has some incredible work. He’ll be running my blog for two weeks while I’m gone and he’ll be using his own photos. I’ll be adding two separate tabs on my main page where you can select to view my (Tommy Hilgram) photos or his (Bailey Smith) photos. I’ll be on tonight to help him get used to posting regularly on tumblr, but after that I’ll be gone. So if you have any questions, ask them tonight or because Bailey will only be posting photos and I’ll be answering all asks once I return. If you’re a fan of his photos, be sure to follow his blog (which he will begin updating once I get back). He’s helped me a lot with finding great locations for car spotting and other events and I thought I’d return the favor by giving him some exposure which is well deserved.

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to remind everybody that I’m only running this blog while Hilgram is gone, he’ll be back soon. I have my own tumblr that I’ll continue to upload on once he’s back. You can find my personal blog at

I would appreciate the follow! Hope you are enjoying my work, thank you!