"Get off of me. I’m not takin’ no customers." Eponine sneered at the man who was grabbing on her shoulders, and working his way down slowly to her skirt. "I SAID, I ain’t takin’ no customers!" She squirmed in his grip, trying to get away. "Geroffme!"

Closed Starter: Perfect

Enjolras smirked as he watched Bahorel get dressed in the maid outfit he had purchased. It fit just perfectly. and Enjolras kicked the heeled shoes over to him. The blonde was sprawled out on the sofa, watching the man dress. He was scribbling a list of jobs for the man to do; dust, clean out all the cupboards - kitchen, bedroom and living room, clean out the bathroom, change bedsheets, get some laundry done, do the dishes.

When Bahorel was done dressing, Enjolras bent him over the sofa, roughly preparing him before inserting a small buttplug. Nothing big or special, just something to keep him open through the day, make him remember his place. And with that, he was gone to class, kissing Bahorel goodbye and throwing his bag over his shoulder.