Auzubillahi mina shaytanir rajim BismillahirRahmanirRahim Bahlul Dana is one of the Saints. He was living in the time of Harun al-Rashid, a rightly guided Khalifa, Rahmatullah Alayh. And Harun Rash…

When Passing Next To Cemeteries, Don't Run Away


One person died one day. A relative of his was so sad and he was asking Bahlul Dana - Bahlul Dana is a beloved one, a friend of the Prophet (asws). His love for Allah Almighty and His Prophet (asws) and His friends (the Awliya Allah) was deep in his heart. There is no love in his heart of this life, this life is dirty life. The relative said to Bahlul Dana, ‘O Bahlul, I am burying my beloved one and I am putting a stone. What do you think will be good to write on it?’

Bahlul, the servant of Allah Almighty, was laughing and saying, “O write on it that ‘I am that one that yesterday I was walking on the grass, and now grasses are growing on me. Yesterday I was stepping on green grass, but today green grass is growing on me.’”

We are above today. We don’t know what will happen by tonight. We don’t know what will happen by tomorrow. We don’t know what will happen by next week, by next year. But it’s going to happen. You cannot escape. It is only a counted time, counted days or years. You cannot escape. Every single day moving one step ahead, you are moving one step forward to your grave. Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun. We are coming from Allah, we are returning back to Allah. You must keep this alive in yourself twenty-four hours a day. Then your vision of looking at this world changes completely. Your thinking changes completely.

When passing next to cemeteries, don’t run away. Stay and look and say, ‘Ey you ego, you are running around but you are going to be that one who’ll be buried underground.’ If it is not tomorrow, the next day, the next year. Don’t forget!’ Remind yourself before the Angel of Death comes.

- SahibulSaif Sheykh Abdul Kerim Effendi Hz

21 Bakeries shuttered in Ghariyan and surrounding area

By Libya Herald reporter. Ghariyan, 23 February 2015: The municipal police in Ghariyan has closed down 21 bakeries following accusations of fraudulent business practices. The Ghariyan Municipal Police Director Bahlul Al-Maqdouli claimed that the prices and weights of the bread sold at the bakeries did not comply with government standards. In addition, he alleged, managers at some of the bakeries […]

Source: Libya Herald