She was hysterical. Obviously we’re not that familiar with her (in the US) but whenever she came on set everyone was very excited. She was amazing, she was so funny. Off camera she was always making jokes and making everyone laugh.
—  Selena Gomez about Catherine Tate
Cuddle sesh|| Natalia & Nick

Natalia laid on her bed with her phone in hands texting her friends, one of them being Nick. The night before the female had a tough time falling asleep, her body was tired but she was constantly thinking about things. Sitting in the pitch black room, Natalia pressed down on the button on the lamp that stood on the night stand next to her lighting up the room. Out of boredom, Natalia looked through her and Kaleb’s texts seeing the horrible words she accidentally called him earlier making her tear up. All he’s ever been to her was sweet and she was sitting on her phone making him feel terrible.

Shaking the sad thoughts away, Nick began texting her. Minutes into the conversation he invited her to cuddle thinking it would help her get some sleep. The first thing that came to mind was Kaleb, they were cuddle buddies. She told him she’d never cuddle with anyone else, she could imagine the hurt look on his face if he ever found out about Natalia and Nick. Thinking deeply, she knew nick would also be upset if finding out she liked him and another boy. Either way, she was going to hurt someone and she didn’t like it. The crankiness crept upon her again, making her frustrated while texting Nick. She made the decision to go to his room and cuddle, which she knew was probably terrible being Kaleb would be in her head the whole time. The young girl slipped out of bed and walked out her room heading down the hall and furiously knocking on Nick’s door. “Open up you lil’ shit” Natalia said whilst tapping her fingers on her other hand.