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i think the pineapple monster was the first one i had… bad experience haha. but i had some natural pear energy drink when i went to the harry potter midnight premiere last year! :)

Haha, the pineapple monster is the one I just had actually (M80). I LOVE it. And NOS is grapefruit flavored and it’s really good too. Yep.

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omG LYOU WERE TELLING ME THAT like you had like 10 glasses of lemonnade a day omg KSDF;Uhjkds. i love yiu like i love strawberries nd i LOVE STRAW BERRIS DFLHKJ.NM,

there was always lemons in my house and i felt bad so i felt obliged to eat them all so i had to use them for whatever i could and i became an addict yes. straw berris huh, mmm i love STRAW BERRIS TOO OMG WE HAVE SO MUCH IN COMMON. 

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omg like the actual ACTUAL script or what like how did you get tha tkjslhdfsajhdf

Yeah it’s an actual script. :) It’s not a final draft or anything, but it’s still fantastic. I’m friends with a cameraperson at Glee and it was one of my birthday presents from them. Signed by most of the cast!

I also got an Entertainment Weekly magazine signed by Darren and Chris:

In other words, best birthday presents ever.

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NUTELAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA omg um the grocery store is out of mandarin oranges theres only 2 left in the fridge should i go write my name on them so no one takes them?? hm probably

what oh no!!!!! write your name on them or hide them in your mouth or if that is too much trouble, put them on a leash and drag them around with you. i did that once but they didn’t cooperate with me and they ended up getting stepped on and there was mandarin blood everywhere i had nightmares for 10 days.