Oh and Hedwig asked the guy she kissed his name. He said Jude. I swear she looked delighted and seductively replied, “"Hey Jude” bahahaha!

I think she then said either the lyrics “"don’t make it bad” or something before. But it was really cute. Jude was so eager for the kiss too! It was so awesome.

 Gosh Darren was phenomenal!


I’m the male Lil Kim Bahahaha The King B

  • nick petricca:we're walk the moon
  • nick petricca:(normally) and we're from ohio
  • nick petricca:(occasionally) and we're from space
  • nick petricca:welcome to walk the moon land!
  • nick petricca:*sleeping emoji*
  • nick petricca:*sings the synth part in shiver shiver*
  • nick petricca:bahahaha holeeee shit
  • nick petricca:*obnoxious lipsyncing to the circle of life*
  • nick petricca:TEJAS ! ! !
  • nick petricca:*random rambling*
  • nick we recorded it in a masonic lodge

I’m the male Lil Kim Bahahaha The King B

eee-in asked:

oh yeah and i only made the comparison to a car because that's literally waht dating a woman who's high maintenance is like. always breaking down for no reason on you and making you late for everything. trust me it's terrible. but good thing I smartened up and decided to end it. maybe when you actually date women you'll know how fucked up they can be.. but until then i guess

Said the single guy.

Bahahaha I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried.

so you guys know how our moemon was hacked together in half an hour with sprite replacements and copypaste?

i was looking up moemon, and i found that - not gonna call it regular, but certainly the most common version - moemon forever has an edited plot, new trainers, the works

and your rival