It went SO WELL that I can already feel some of its improvements. The last time they tried this particular surgery it sent wrong & I woke up almost completely blind & stayed that way for a few months. This time I woke up with my eyesight sharper, my crushing headache gone & the ability to be in a normal lit room without sunglasses on!

The nurses even called Robyn to tell her where & how I was this time - which they didn’t last time because while she is listed as my Next of Kin, we live together & she’s my primary carer she isn’t “Family” because we’re not allowed to get married & this is a Catholic Hospital (There may have been some policy changes at this hospital recently though - I had a Trans nurse last night!)

Recovery will be difficult, partly because BRAIN SURGERY and partly because I have a number of other disabilities - I need to have more, completely unrelated, surgery in the next few months. I’m in a lot of pain, had my PTSD triggered when they had to call in a GROUP of doctors & nurses to get a catheter in me and I’ve developed an allergic reaction to a previously really great pain killer.

But I have Robyn, I have my amazing friends, I have Carol Corps, I have Carol herself & you all make me strong enough to beat ANYTHING!

Much love to you all! And so many thanks. When I can fly again
I’ll be flying for you.

Thanks for all the well wishes & super lovely words guys! Especially my Carol Corps peeps! You are truly the best group of people & I’m honoured to be one of you!

If you can, maybe spare some of your kind words & wishes for my beautiful girlfriend Robyn (username baglieg) - she’s Carol Corps too & this is the fourth surgery of mine she’s waited through (including one where I woke up blind!) and cared tirelessly for me after in the two years we’ve been together. (This is apparently the only pic I have of us together on my iPad - you can’t see but I’m wearing a Captain America tie here. I love my Captains!)

I’m going in for the surgery in a couple of hours & hopefully soon after that I’ll be able to catch up on my huge pile of comics from the last month! See y’all soon!


So the other day my phone was like “Would you like to back-up your photos for free on Google?” & I’m like “sure!”. Then the next time I checked my Gmail on my computer there was suddenly this weird gif of me pulling dumb faces & this amazing collage of Robyn having feelings about cake!

What the hell, Google?! I mean, this is AMAZING, but whyyyyyyyyyy?

We came, we Thor, we conquered!

People who were at Thor + Pie tonight

Claude = cornwankies

Sophie = holmesbody

Lisa = lisabounce

Robyn = baglieg (just in case you’re not already following her)


We’re totally going to have a picnic sometime next month or early next year so even more of you can meet each other. I JUST LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!

Robyn just said when we get our fishies (which we are calling Doris Fish [after a famous Australian Drag Queen] & Harold Holt [after the Australian Prime Minister who went out for a swim one day & never came back]) we can set up a webcam & livestream their little fishy lives 24/7.

I’m posting about this so that it is a matter of public record & she can’t back down about it in a few years when we finally get our own place. I think we’ll call our livestream “The Secret Lives of Gay Fish”.

Five Random Things Meme

I got tagged by thestoryihavewritten so, here goes! (Every time I get a meme like this I can instantly only think of depressing or wildly inappropriate things about myself)

1. My Dad always said that if I’d been born a boy he would have called me Mahershalalhasbaz (it’s biblical). Mum says she would have called me Christopher & nicknamed me Kit. If I ever changed my name I think I’d actually go with one of these (guess which one :P)

2. I had a huge pink elephant called Hermione when I was a baby. She was bigger than me until I was about 3 (obviously I got her long before Harry Potter came out). My parents decided I was too old for her when I turned 5 & gave her away. I was devastated.

3. I have lived in 3 states, 5 towns and 17 houses. I attended 6 schools & had 4 tries at University in 4 different subjects.

4. I have at some point or another been able to play the piano, violin, viola, recorder and guitar. I played the triangle in a University orchestra for one concert when they needed an extra percussionist. I’ve been a member of over 10 choirs (not including school ones) since I was 7, my vocal range used to be over 3 octaves & I could read music by the age of 4.

5. I played hockey (field, not ice) from the ages of 6 to 16. I wasn’t very good but I was a fast runner in short bursts, very enthusiastic & intimidating. Our team won our division when I was in year 9 because all the girls in the other teams were scared of us. Hockey runs in my family - one of my cousins is the state women’s team goalie for South Australia.

I’m not sure who has & hasn’t done this but I’m tagging baglieg, kidhedera, corporal-flashback, thatbipolarchick87 and lisabounce. Anyone else who wants to please also do it! I love knowing stuff!