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I just found this pic of a 17/18yr old me.
I remember this day vividly. I had recently broken up with my first boyfriend and for a very long time I felt unattractive and undesirable. This particular day I was getting ready to meet my cousin in central LDN. I put on this dress (hadn’t worn one in ages, I preferred baggy jeans and track suits) and I remember looking in the mirror and for the first time in my teenage life I saw myself as beautiful. I acknowledged and accepted that I was beautiful. I remember laughing a lot this day.
This day was the beginning of my journey towards self love and this picture reminds me of how far I’ve come. I’m so proud of myself and everyone else that has decided that ‘self love is the best love.’

You’re all beautiful. Honestly.

A Warmer Silhouette

Tailored clothing for the last fifteen years has trended towards the skinny and narrow. Part of this is a reaction to the baggy Italian suits of the ‘80s and ‘90s, and part of it is a re-introduction of a certain 1960s look – a look that combined slim suits with narrow ties, which were designed to be worn alongside furniture pieces that felt equally modern and austere. 

On the right guy, that kind of slim, razor-sharp silhouette can look very striking (I’ve always liked it on Sammy Davis Jr). It does have a tendency to choke the life out of fabric though. When clothes are that narrow and slim, there’s often not enough material for the fabric to express itself. Slim down the suit, and all the other elements have to shrink proportionally – the tie, the lapels, and (in recent times) the shirt collar. So much so that they typically lay a bit flat. 

One of the nice things about a slightly fuller suit is that you can bring these details back out again. If the tailoring has been done well, a fuller lapel will have a nicer roll, a bigger collar will have a bit more life, and an equally proportioned tie will look a little more elegant. If you think fuller proportions means something will just look baggy, remember: jackets, collars, and ties all have interlinings. If the clothes have been made well, those interlinings will give your clothes shape. 

Pictured above: a handsome, fuller-proportioned jacket, tie, and (half hidden) collar from Ethan Newton’s Instagram (here’s another great example). Slim suits can look very modern, but they also feel very cold. If you widen things out a bit, and let the fabric express itself, things can feel warm again. 

Puzzling men-fashion mistakes

We are glad Mandatory 24/7 believes our blog can serve as an indicator for nice gifts to a girl. It seems like we are fulfilling our mission!

By scrolling through Style-in-Shots you can indeed learn a little bit more about how women think of fashion, style and accessories, also when it comes to men…

Mandatory 24/7 inspired us to point out typical men fashion mistakes - at least at a certain stage of their lives… And those mistakes truly puzzle us women…

Mistake  1. Exposed Underwear.

Why? As the name indicates: UNDER-wear. Your underwear should be underneath! So why would men be so persistent with wearing underwear ABOVE the trousers? True mystery…

Mistake 2. Sandals and socks.

The most ridiculous and puzzling mistake so many men commit! Sandals: yes! Socks: yes! Socks and sandals: no!


Mistake 3. Baggy suit.

Why would you choose to wear a suit that looks like inherited from your father who was 1 or 2 sizes bigger than you? Wear your suit, don’t swim in it.

So boys, as you see: A visit to our blog once in a while can’t harm you!

PS: Neither a mullet nor a mustache are hot…


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It was always difficult for Dell to pick out Pyro’s
in a crowd. They all looked the same with their
large masks and their baggy fireproof suits. Dell
constantly found himself wondering if they were
all just one person, but he knew that wasn’t true.

So when he spotted the new Pyro, Dell stared at
them, unsure if he had met them before or if they
were actually new. Should he ask? Would it be
rude? Guess he’s staying put until further notice.

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Just went through the last posts on here and have come across two things I'd like to add: The wedding band on WaxBatch is so cheesy - but I suppose it's easier than taking off wax of his face, adding more wrinkles and tailoring a new, baggy-looking suit :-/ And: In the third Scotland pic, guy with the mobile? Hm. Same one as the guy sitting at the front in the 4th, judging by the white cap? Day-tripping with the artsy-fartsy crew? No idea bout timeline, but pic taken/posted on different days?

WaxBatch and BC are starting to look one of the same these days…however, waxBatch still looks 38 (or in his late 30′s)

how did I not realize this before

Roles I want Bob Morley to play on screen ASAP please:

* Spike Spiegel - HE WOULD BE THE MOST AMAZING LACONIC AND SEXY BROODING GUN-HAPPY ASSWIPE EVER (please Hollywood make Cowboy Bebop a real thing). Just picture Bob Morley in that iconic baggy suit rocking that mess of hair and chain smoking while eating tuna out of a can and thinking about his tragic mafia backstory and trying not to step on the curiously intelligent corgi as they chase criminals across Mars.

* Locke Lamorra - just picture him as a con artist / pick pocket (in fantasy Venice where gladiatiors fight sharks) who fucks up then fucks up more and everyone wants to kill him but you know it’s only like 60% his fault okay. And sometimes he looks charming and dapper and other times he’s a wretched mess and it’ll be rated R for sure. ( scottlynch78 you should go on Netflix and mararhon The 100 because a. you’d love it and b. you might then agree with my fancasting bc trust me on this)

* Eugenides of Attolia - this one requires us to go back in time to when Bob Morley was like 17 but trust me science will make this possible someday. irrel you feel me on this right?

apollo identifies as male but i dont think he follows gender norms or gender binary, esp since his culture is based off the better things from ancient greece. after he begins to feel more comfortable with himself (as in, he’s ok with being himself) he says ‘whatever’ and wears high-heeled cowboy boots and a leather jacket with nice earrings

vivian. what is vivian. well first she started cosplaying when she was young and she discovered she didnt really apply to a binary (tho she identifies as female) so she wears what she wants. baseball hat and baggy shirt+pants??? ya. suit and tie?? ya. flowery dress?? you betcha. indiana jones cosplay?? does that everyday thats her default outfit actually

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I can't get past that crazy wig-helmet on Charles. That head dress (to make him look taller than Spencer) & the baggy suit (to disguise a body shape) make me think that Charles is female. Do you think that Charles is actually a female being forced to act out a role just like Mona is? And how many takes did they need to do because no one could keep a straight face when he first steps out at the prom? I mean that wig-helmet is something else.

That wig with some crazy bumped up hair was intense and pretty funny when we first saw it. You are completely right about Charles possibly being a female. There are so many theories about Charles being just a cover name and different things like that. We have also tried to explore that theory on this blog and come up with one that pieces together with the female theory completely but it’s a work in progress. What is interesting is that we have never thought of Charles being forced into the role just like Mona was. We think that is a great theory and could actually work. It would make sense that they are all at “prom” and that Charles was put in the prom room with the girls, while someone else was out in the farmhouse controlling the cameras and stuff. They could want the girls to think that person in the dollhouse is the ultimate A but in reality it is just another pawn by the real ultimate A. It is hard to say what is true but we think both of these theories would be close to the truth. We agree that it was probably hard for all the actresses to keep a straight face in that scene! We would have loved to see that!

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It was at that moment a figure emerged from the ruins of an old office building. The figure wore a baggy radiation suit and the tank on its back was obviously a flamer. The figure wandered through the streets, the nozzle in hand, primed for any ambush.

*She sat and watched the mysterious figure, if she came closer she would more then likely have to fight, but they would be fine if she stayed away*

Tailored clothing for the last fifteen years has trended towards the skinny and narrow. Part of this is a reaction to the baggy Italian suits of the ‘80s and ‘90s, and part of it is a re-introduction of a certain 1960s look – a look that combined slim suits with narrow ties, which were designed to be worn alongside furniture pieces that felt equally modern and austere.
—  Put This On

Afternoon New Orleans

When I passed the street corner a few hours earlier here sat three friends. Friend number one had gold-rimmed sunglasses though it was overcast and the rain was about to start. Friend number two wore a baggy suit which made him apart from the other two who were dressed in simple clothes . Friend number three laughed toothless. A motley crew in motley chairs. The feeling was that you brought your own chair to the corner. The Spiderman chairs seemed to have gotten obsolete. Sometime between when I passed first time and now had the friends separated, probably when it started raining. But the chairs had stayed and were now soaking wet. Although not as wet as when Katrina flooded the corner in 2005. The neighboring house had still not recovered. Right now it’s completely still on the corner at the start of the Chevrolet Avenue. I’m thinking about what’s written on the switchboard means. Lax Lax N-Colby and TONIC. Doesn’t sound like common names. Traces from what happened on this corner.


Sometimes I feel like curvy,voluptuous girls must wear short shorts and crop tops, while skinny(or chubby)girls with “no curves” must wear sweatshirts and baggy suits.
I know this is shit, I know things aren’t like that, but I can’t get it out of my head

There were times when a suit was unavoidable. A meeting with the Governer General was one. Though Oliver would happily push the boundaries of dress code when it came to meetings with his boss, his siblings, Matthew and the Prime Minister (especially the Prime Minister because Oliver knew it irked the man), the line was drawn at Royalty, even if it was only Vice-Royalty.

Still, that didn’t mean he had to be happy about it.

Oliver bit down on a curse as he fumbled blindly with the cinch at the back of the silk vest, attempting to pull the fabric tighter. The tie slipped through his fingers once more, and Oliver was about to forgo the damn thing and just cover up the bagginess with the suit jacket, when fingers closed over his, gently extracting the silk ties and expertly tightening them, before coming to rest on Oliver’s hips.   There was a warm chuckle in his ear.

“You’re home early,” Oliver said, looking up. He smiled in thanks to the other man in the mirror.

“Mmm,” Alex’s mouth slid down from his ear to press against his jaw. “Home just in time,” he said against the skin there. “Is this the new Armani?”

“You tell me,” Oliver said, head tilting obligingly to the side without thought as Alex began to trail long, slow kisses down his neck to the open collar. He inhaled sharply when Alex bit down gently. “Alex-” The fingers on his hips flexed.  “Alex, I can’t be late.”

Reluctantly, Alex lifted his head. He reached around to tug the vest into place. “So what is this for again?”

“Meeting with the Governor General,” Oliver answered, buttoning his cuffs.

Alex turned Oliver to face him, and began to button the collar. “Oh sure, some crotchety old man gets you in a suit, and I don’t,” he said teasingly.

Oliver smiled at him, “renounce your American citizenship and get appointed to be the Queen’s Official representative, and you can have me in a suit any time you’d like.” He paused and made a face, “but promise me you won’t schedule meetings on a Friday night.”

“More secret Canadian things?”

Oliver snorted, “We’re meeting to discuss what baby gift we should send the new prince or princess.”

“I’m great at picking out gifts. And I kissed a damn fish, so that should give me a say by default.”

Oliver shook his head. “Trust me, when it enters hour four and we are arguing what part of the card should be in French and what part in English, you’d be grateful for your stars and stripes.” He reached for the tie lying on the bed.

Alex beat him to it, and held the tie up against the vest with a critical eye.

“It’s the nicest one I have,” Oliver said, a little defensively.

“It’s the wrong shade,” Alex pronounced. “Here,” he loosened his own tie, slipping it off his neck and onto Oliver’s. “Much Better.”  Oliver let Alex slid the jacket onto his shoulders, and patiently endured as Alex brushed and smoothed and straightened. Eventually, the other man stepped back to survey his work. “There.” He paused, “you’re sure you can’t be a little bit late?”

Oliver laughed, “most people get turned on by people taking off clothes, not putting them on.”

“Most people don’t look the way you do in a suit.”

“Charmer.” Oliver grinned, and pulled him close for a kiss.

He’d meant it to be chaste, but Alex had other ideas. Oliver felt an arm come around his waist. A hand slid into his hair, knotting itself into the curls there. A tiny voice in the back of his head piped up with a warning, but the hand on his waist took that moment to slip lower and the voice was drowned out.

Matthew raised an eyebrow when Oliver slid into place next to him in the reception room at Rideau Hall an hour later, beating the Governor General’s arrival by all of ten seconds.

“Sorry,” Oliver murmured.

Matthew’s lips turned up in an amused smirk. “Nice hair.”