baffleddreams said: they’re not really breaking up, they’re just taking a longer break for the new album they’re working on! you can check @maxmeatsix’s tweet! :)

thank you omg :( i felt so scared.. i thought they’d go on a break like fob’s… i couldn’t access twitter right now :(( i’d check later..

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This blog is just amazing, it keeps reminding me of how one person can turn an obstacle into a way of saying that life should be celebrated in the most wonderful ways. Sean Mackin is such an inspiration to many of us out here. I'm trying to be strong and keeping my faith in every lil thing that's happening to me no matter how good or bad it is just like Sean. I'll always be grateful to everything. Thank you Yellowcard for everything! Thank you Sean, be strong :) We love you

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Is their concert here not possible? omg omg :<<< but they're coming to Indonesia right? :( :( this breaks my heart

it is possible Dan even said here that he was excited about a SEA show, but there are rumors that the Indonesia show would get postponed to September for a SEA tour