"Some Darwinists are so desperate to defend their godless belief in Evolution that they want to make it illegal to even question evolution in the science classroom."

I wonder who this is a quote from?

Who knows, maybe some darwinists are as this quote suggests. However, it doesn’t really matter. Science allows for every claim it makes to be questioned, but if you are going to attempt to refute a theory you need to be able to present evidence which proves that the theory in question doesn’t work.

Creationism has no evidence to back up it’s claims. If you or anyone else can bring some sort of proof to light, it will be considered.

 This does not mean pointing out things that evolution cannot yet explain, as this does nothing to prove your claim. All this does is point out what all scientists accept and openly state, that all science is forever expanding and progressing.

Yeah! BadP

Badp.  He’s the guy I’m talking about.  He posts ridiculous, made-up crap about atheists on Tumblr and NEVER responds when atheists call him on his bullshit.  In short, he is a lying dickwad.

So, what the hell is his motivation?  Is he a troll?  Is he trying to convert people to his faith by telling lie after lie?  Is he just a freakin’ fruit-loop who actually believes the diarrhea he splurts?  Is he trying to build a massive following of believers to bilk them out of their money?

I’m a cause and effect kind of guy.  This guy MUST have some reason for doing what he’s doing.  I guess I lean toward the fruit-loop theory, but that just seems like the easy way out in this case.  It just SEEMS like the guy might be sane but have another reason for doing what he’s doing.

Does anyone have an opinion and hopefully some collaborating evidence to back it up on this douche-bag?  Drop me a note.  Thanks.