Some stuff I noticed with Sonic Boom (the show)

Sonic looks really good with a scarf.
Tails keeps forgetting he can fly.
Amy’s new voice rubs me the wrong way for some reason, but her character has made leaps for the better.
As much as I would prefer to not have a stupid Knuckles, this is a very well done and likable stupid Knuckles.
Sticks is fine when she’s not yelling at things.
Eggman is the best thing ever. And his mustache is too small.
All of the extra minor animal characters look rather out of place.
That beaver in episode 1 needs to die.
The redesigns on the badnicks are legit intimidating what even Crabmeat.
The animation is rather odd, especially during action scenes.
The humor can make me either chuckle or cringe.
I like this show quite a bit and hope it does well.