Listen to your parents and teachers. They got a line on most things, so don’t treat em like enemies. There’s always an outside chance you can learn something. Try to keep an open mind. Try to understand the viewpoints of others. Consider the minority opinion. But try to get along with the majority of opinion once it’s accepted. Of course Holly and I have had fun, even if it has been rushed. And uh, so far a good sign, hadn’t got caught. Excuse the grammar.

Young Badlands!

Hey! any Creampuffs (or anyone else) wondering what to do with their Thursday afternoon/evening need look no further…

Young Badlands starring, amongst others, Elise Bauman starts tomorrow (December 11) on Camp 905 productions YT channel!

So it’d be kinda cool if we checked it out and supported the cast/crew of what i’m sure will be another awesome webseries. yeah? 


Young Badlands (2014)- Bunny Teaser

Reminder that Elise’s new webseries Young Badlands starts December 11th on Camp 905 Productions youtube channel.