DIY Cross Stitch Charts for Hogwart Houses by Ronjaliek on Deviantart. Do you know someone who loves anything Harry Potter? Ronjaliek links the finished patches in each post. 

Top Row: Hufflepuff, Hogwart HousesGryffindor

Bottom Row: Slytherin, FInished Slytherine Badge, Ravenclaw

For everything DIY Harry Potter go here including an amazing DIY Harry Potter Monopoly Game and DIY Harry Potter Chess Set.


Oooh, check this out! Japanese 3DS systems can now play claw machine games to earn pins that can be used to decorate your Home Menu with! Look at the ANIMAL CROSSING ones! :O



So i’ve done these forever. I think I started in 2008? ish? So it’s been going on for a while. I’m getting rid of the last of what i’ve got, and when they’re gone, they’re gone!

If you put in the Coupon “DANGLY” at checkout purchasing one or more dangly badges, you get 15% off! Huzzahs!

Sale goes until Friday at 11:59 pm!


15 Vintage Badges and Logos by emotions76

15 Vintage Badges and Logos is a quality set that you can use on Logos, badges, stickers and other items like restaurants, bar, bakery, cupcake shop, coffee shop, wine fest, law firm, attorney, legal services. Also you can use them on modern labels with a touch of Vintage style for your Website, Business, Stickers, T-shirt, Retro Labels and more. The graphics are 100% Vector, scale-able and editable format. Info file contains the list of used fonts links.

Download it here:



Hey guys!

I’m finally home again after a long 6 months away at Animation College! I have no more conventions til mid next year so I’ve opened up my Storenvy shop to help sell my leftover stock.

Reminder: Please use the custom store to make your order!!