The ubiquitous cowl and dragging cape of Batman is left on Charlie Gage-Radcliffe’s window-sill. It is just a little worn from use, but otherwise intact. It comes with just the note and nothing else.

Yours to do with as you wish.

Placed inside the cowl is a business card for a craft store specialising in glitter.

ooc: i got lazy and gave up after a point, so you get this image, and not one more authentic of just the cape and cowl T_T also this was supposed to be sent weeks ago when I got the idea first, but then lazy, and now this seems like a neat season closer for them since she broke up with Dark Vengeance ;)

I treasure all compliments I get, but I remember the unique ones longest

"I really like your voice!"
“Taylor, you sit really cutely!”
“I will always accept your oddness.”
“Your eyes badazzle!”
“Sometimes I look at a tv show or a movie and I just really want to watch it with you.”
“I wish there was a tunnel that connected our houses so I could hang out with you whenever.”
“We’ve literally just met and it feels like I’ve known you forever!”