Twisted Alice by Kasami-Sensei

The Queen had Alice executed by ‘off with her head’ and it was. During the struggle to get free before the execution, Alice’s left eye was injured. Chessire Cat took pity and used his power to revive her. But once the dead in Wonderland revive, they are no longer the person they used to be. This Alice went on a killing/revenge spree and spread corrupt magic. Collecting trade mark items of Wonderland people, the Queen’s clothes partially, White Rabbit’s watch, an almost red painted rose, the King’s crown and Mad Hatter’s hat for Chessire who had been corrupted by Alice’s black magic.

Twisted Mulan by ~Kasami-Sensei

When the true identity of Mulan is discovery, Shang can’t bring himself to break the law and must execute Mulan with sorrow. She is decapitated. When Shang and the other soldiers go to the Imperial City, Shan Yu and some of his men emerged from the snow alive. So without Mulan the Huns succeed to take the throne of China and kill everyone … including the emperor and Shang … This is the anarchy in China. Mushu decides to give his life to revive Mulan to save the country. She becomes very powerful with the power of the ancestors and the spirit of Mushu. Since her rebirth, she fights with raging in all battlefields to eliminate the Huns with her sanguinary and vengeful soul. She decapitates all her victims. the Huns must be wary of the power of vengeance.


Holy fucking shit!!! This darker version of Power Rangers is badass!!!