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Pet | Derica

Derek ran as hard as he could on all fours, paws thundering through the earth as he tried to escape the humans. The fire changed something in him. Made him into this; unable to become human again. As a needle entered his tough skin and the black wolf grew dizzy with his world spinning, a net wrapped around him and everything became obscured in black.

When sleepy eyes opened, he let out an indignant growl. Where the hell was he? Derek found dogs staring at him. DOGS! How insulting! He wasn’t some puppy dog looking for a child to tug on his tail and use him as a pony. No. He was a human. Well, somewhat.

[ badassbetaerica ]

Stiles curls up on the ground of the Argent’s basement, trying to protect his ribs and head as the kicks continued to hit him, he whimpers a little when he hears Gerard talking and hesitantly looks up when he hears footsteps moving away. The old hunter was walking away from him, up to the house. He looks back at the teenager on the floor and sneers at him before closing and locking the door.

Stiles tries to uncurl from his ball but whines as pain shoots through him causing him to bite back a cry and curl back into the ball that he had found shelter from the hits to his stomach and ribs


Derek looked up with a grin as his daughter came skipping into the room, holding Cora’s hand. She had her face painted like a kitten, complete with whiskers that extended across her pale little face. “Daddy! Daddy! Look, I’m a kitty!” The toddler called as she hopped up into his lap, brown curls bouncing. The teenager wrapped his arms around her and held her in his lap. He started his Senior Year of High School this year and had to take her to the school’s daycare center. “Maisie, how am I supposed to take you to school this morning like this?” He groaned, but scooped her up and headed out the door, kissing her cheek.


{ badassbetaerica viixcn }


She pulled him up so he was on top of her as her hands gripped onto his back. Her legs were curling around his own as she pulled him closer. She needed to feel him, every part of him on her skin. She’d wanted him for so long and now she was ravenous.


Isaac groaned as she just pulled him closer. His need grew and so did his desire. With her everything was stronger and all he wanted was her. He kissed her back hungry for more, needing her close, needing to cut that final string they were waiting to cut. 


Crossing Paths || thebroodingbeta & badassbetaerica

Kira felt relieved that the news that Erica and her where officially together was out there. She had a tad of problems freaking out and thinking people would dislike them and their band for their choice, but things only go better and right now, there was nothing that could ruin this. “Either way they were going to find out…Is not like I can keep to myself everything I feel for you” she said, her cheeks heating up, but thankfully it was night so it wouldn’t be so noticeable and the sidewalk was only lightened up by a light post every now and then. 

Her body tensed at the sight of a male in front of them, and she tried to warn Erica, but the male was already close to them. Her brown eyes widened as big as they could as she recognized who it was. “Derek!? What….Why…?” She stammered as she glared at him, her breath hitching as she looked at him, holding Erica’s hand a tad too tight.


{badassbetaerica} { isaacmcscarvelahey }

Daray would admit she’d thought about it before. She was an Alpha—her sex drive was even larger than a beta’s. Add that to being a horny seventeen year old girl, with a constant everchanging sex life with her Mate, it became almost impossible for her to go without being horny. Her and Isaac had tried a lot in bed but this was something she wanted to try. But only if it were Erica, she didn’t want to try it with someone else she didn’t trust. Daray wanted to check with the girl before even suggesting it to Isaac. So, she sat on the couch with one leg crossed over the other as she waited for Erica to come to the Loft. This would be one time because she wasn’t going to allow Isaac to touch another girl again and she wasn’t attracted to any other girls—hadn’t been since the fire.

Girl Band || Badassbetaerica

Kira pulled the zipper of her baggage close in a swift movement, folding the clothe she had taken out before she turned around to place it on top of the dresser. “Erica are you done!?” The raven haired female questioned as she let out a sigh. “You have been showering for hours and is almost time to go” she whined as she fidgeted with her clothe. They had a press conference in half an hour and the blonde female was still showering, since when? Since like an hour ago. “I swear that I will move to another room if you don’t hurry” she muttered under her breath, knowing the blonde would listen to her if she was paying any attention to her.


+ badassbetaerica | Nothing to see (closed)

It was Saturday, and Connor didn’t want to stay home all day again.
So he decided to go out, get to know Beacon Hills a little better, maybe take a walk in the park, or grab some coffee or dinner.

Connor got up, hopped under the shower, put some clothes on, took his phone and his wallet with him, and just stepped outside his apartment.

Then he started walking. He didn’t really know where he went, he just walked, sometimes took a turn left, sometimes right. He just wanted to see what Beacon Hills had to offer. That was, in fact, not much.

After a while he ended up in front of a café, and took a seat at one of the tables outside. Then he ordered a coffee and a piece of cake, and just sat there, playing around on his phone, texting some friends in LA. 

Then, suddenly, he dropped his phone, but he could catch it still in the air. Not with his hands, but with his mind. He just let it float for a second, and grabbed it as quickly as he could so nobody would notice that he just used telekinesis.. 

At least that’s what he hoped..

At Least I Think I Do || Derica

[ badassbetaerica ]

Derek lounged on the couch, tossing a basketball up and down, depressed. He’d been dumped. For the fourth time in a row. First Paige, then Kate, then Jen, and then Braeden.

He just couldn’t catch a damn break. Scott and Stiles had dragged him over to the house for movie night, and he’d taken over the length of the couch, debating whether or not to shoot his only real friend a text asking her to meet him up to ask something. Finally too irritated to stay still, he tugged the cellphone free from his shorts and gave in.

[ text: Erica ]: Can we talk? I need your help with something.

Dear Stranger || Secondbetaerica

As promised your starter, based on this [x]

Dear  Hello to whoever is there. 

I am really not good at this, like, I am good at talking, but who even writes letters anymore, right ? Kind of hipster maybe. Anyways. I am Stiles. Yes that is the name I like to have and no I won’t tell you my real name. I am an only child and live with my Dad. I am seventeen and my best friend is Scott. 

Tell me about you, I guess ? 

Greetings, Stiles. 

Badassbetaisaac[ closed

 Stiles had kept true to his word when he’d told Scott that he was going to bring his dad something to eat and then go home to work on his history paper, the entire thing had taken about two hours and now he was dealing with Charlee who had spent the last twenty minutes crying, he’d get her to stop and then five minutes later she’d be going again. He’d barely gotten a text out to Isaac which had literally read.

[SMS:Isaac] I hate this doll; you better help before I kill it. Kill it dead.

Okay so he was probably freaking out a little bit more than he really should be but it was driving him nuts, he had no idea how to make it stop the crying. He heard the knock on the door just as the doll cooed for the fifth time in the last twenty minutes, he set the thing on the couch so he could answer it. His frown turned into a small smile when he noticed Isaac standing there. “Come in, before she starts crying again.” He mumbled as he moved out of the way so that the other could come into the house; true to his word the second he closed the door the blasted doll was crying again. “I quit, it’s yours. Fix her.”

Stiles groaned and moved to sit on the couch, rubbing his hands through his hair making it stand on end. “It won’t stop. I think I broke it.”