We need to be kind to each other. We need to give each other the benefit of the doubt. And most of all, we need to support each other. How does it hurt you to support another woman? It doesn’t-it makes you stronger, it empowers the person you support, and it sets a great example for anyone who looks up to you.
—  NYT bestselling author Sabaa Tahir on the best wasy to support other women
New supernatural

Mikayla was swinging high on the swing. “Higher Dean! Higher!” Dean pushed her higher. She jumped off and fell. Dean ran over to her. “Are you okay?!” She laughed. “I’m ok.” Dean laughed and Mikayla kissed his cheek. He tensed up and then kissed her. *couple years later in first grade.* Mikayla didn’t show up to school. *many years later when Emily and Mikayla were older.* “Emily behind you!” A vamp was coming at her.