SPN spinoff should be Claire Novak and Krissy Chambers as the next generation hunters
  • We need girls to kick ass and are not kill off in a show to never come back. We need woman characters to play the new wonder women of our era. One that knows how to play with the big boys and doesn't need a man to save them. One to laugh in the face of danger and win. However, is NOT there to show her chest or run in high heels!

Conspiracy to be Free


Cold Steel crew member Ron Balicki Catch Wrestling and Filipino Knife training with Josh Barnett and Victor Webster at TapOut LA!

Hanging out, teaching and training with Josh, Victor and a whole host of amazingly inspiring and talented young Martial Artists!


Victor Henry

Marina Shafir

Jessamyn Duke

Josh Barnett

Travis Newaza

Shayna Baszler

Colleen Schneider

Kaitlin Young

Ron Balicki

Victor Webster

TapOut LA