Super Junior Challenge Day 1: Favorite in Suju!

ah this was actually surprisingly easy to do, but if you were to ask me my top 5 suju members, it wouldn’t be so easy lol. but ryeowook definitely takes the cake for me. i drew sfs!wook and bada!wook because that’s what really got me into super junior. 

hahaha actually, sexy free and single was what got me back into kpop after i saw gee back in 2009, but i never really delved into sj until i saw the ss5 cosplay stage and i saw badawook.

but i think i like ryeowook because i see a little bit of myself in him? not the fabulous vocals or his sharp tongue, but his personality. we’re both the youngest of our friend groups, yet we’re stuck taking care of our older friends. 

also i can look up to him like a goal??? umm our voice ranges are pretty similar, so i can sing his parts easier when im screeching suju songs at the top of my lungs at 2 am with goldenjellly 

kim ryeowook, i love you! thank you for everything!