"Conker’s Bad Fur Day (Promotional Booklet)"

  • Stitched together from multiple sources:
  • Due to the adult nature of the game, the ad campaign for “Conker’s Bad Fur Day” was limited to Playboy and Maxim, as well as late-night television. These scans actually came from the promotional booklet, “Conker’s Little Black Book,” which was handed out at a promotional event on South Padre Island during spring break; other hand-outs included, t-shirts, temporary tattoos, and condoms. (Reportedly winning awards for alternative media.) The illustrations from the booklet, created by John Brockenbrough for Leo Burnett, were later re-used for the actual magazine ads.

My grandma and I are watching TV right now. And she passed a channel called the Black Shopping Channel (BSC). She wanted to see what it was about lol. When it came on there was this bag…. It’s called the Butzy Bag…. And it has an ass. What the heck 😂😂😂😂 $79.95 for the top of a pair of jeans with a padded ass in it… Uhhhh NO. 😆

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Memorable, for ALL the wrong reasons. Submarine, really?!

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Frontale's Okubo issued two-game ban

#jsoccer #YoshitoOkubo [The Japan Times]Kawasaki Frontale’s two-time World Cup striker Yoshito Okubo has received a two-match ban for smashing an advertising board during a match over the weekend, the J. League announced on Thursday. Okubo kicked the board in Saturday’s 1-1 draw away to …