Tonights incident

Im convinced that my death is going to involve a car. I’ve said this for years because I have had way too many experiences with cars that could have ended badly. From being in a car, driving, and even from being a pedestrian. Tonights accident only confirms my paranoid on the subject.

Tonight after being on the highway for only a minute I got into an accident. Someone left a tarp in the middle of the slow lane on the highway. It was dark and the shadow of the trees didnt I saw it too late and tried to swerve but then I was going to crash so I sw r ved from hitting the left guardrail and ended up losing complete control and the car spun and hit the right guardrail. The car was baclwards so the driver side hit. Im okay. I was in survival mode and clenched the wheel so I didn’t hit the door or get hurt.

I was hysterically crying. I thought it was a dead deer, a guy who stopped to help me thought it was a dead body. Either way this thing was HUGE and terrifying. This happened maybe a hour ago. Im still in shock. My car is fucked. Luckily im okay and no one else was near me to get hurt.