The iPad backup will happen automatically when you sync your iPad with your computer. Some people don’t sync their iPad with a computer, in which case the backups are not being made. This may be even more of a problem when with iOS 5 it will not be necessary to connect the iPad with another computer. Although with iOS 5 there will also be iCloud and this may take care of some of the backing up and synchronisation.

So here is an article that has good information about backing up generally, as well as backing up your iPad specifically. How to create a backup for the iPad, the process of iPad backups, how to do an iPad restore from backup and be fully organised with your backup strategy.

Using the 3 2 1 strategy with Time Machine and SuperDuper along with Dropbox to ensure that you will never have an ‘oh my goodness me’ moment. Or words to that effect!

How do you organise backups for your iPad? Is your strategy any different from the one I outline in this article? Looking forward to hearing your feedback on this.

Everyone knows they should backup their Mac… but do they actually do it?

If you have no idea where to start with backing up your Mac, this article will take you through the three (yes, three) backups that you should have, and even tells you where to get started.

It’s detailed and explains it to you without assuming that you know anything about backups.

Or, if you don’t want details and want “just the facts” and a checklist of what to do, scroll to the boom and look for “The Lindsay Paragraph” which is found under this heading:

TL;DR… just tell me what to do without all of the blah blah

Quick command line utility functions in bash

#add this to your ~/.bashrc
#create a backup of a file
  cp $1 $1.$(date +%Y%m%d%H%M%S)

#create a quick reminder
#rem 5 'need to call the hulk'
#will create show your reminder after 5 minutes
  (sleep $((60 * $1 )) && notify-send --urgency=low -i 'terminal' $2)&
Tomorrow never comes –BUT you better be ready when it does!


Tight chest? State of pure panic? Sweat pouring off your forehead?
..yep you’re either still using Windows Vista, an owner a Dell laptop …or you’ve just lost all your data!

Anyone that knows me is aware how much I harp on about backing up critical data. I’m so anal that I backup, backups of backups that are backed up…I think you get the picture! The reason for this is that I have been stung in the past when computers or systems have crashed & days of blood sweat & tears are lost as everyone assumed that someone else was backing it up.

Guess what …this morning halfway through my first coffee i realised important data had been corrupted & we needed to urgently restore a certain part of website & its custom CRM. What could have been an absolute ‘pube-puller’ of a nightmare was quickly resolved with minimum disruption.

I always ask myself , if I lost this data could I continue to operate without it? 99% of cases the answer is NO …so here’s a few of my tips:

1)  Continually check your backups –cause when you need them you don’t want to find out that there was an error.

2)  Set & Forget - its pain to have to manually backup data every day, & Murphys Law dictates that the day you forget will be the day you need that backup. There are so many programs to automate backups –its criminal not to use one.

3)  Speak to other people in your business –you may find that there are actually multiple data sources that need to be backed up. I know they are hard to deal with, but speak to your ‘techies’ as they might be able to write a simple cron or procedure to automate the tricky bits.

4)  Don’t store backups all in the same place - If everything catches fire, or some robs & trashes the place –you’re gonna need to have another copy stored safely.

5)  Know how to restore in an emergency - when the boss is breathing down your neck to bring all the systems back up, you don’t want to discover that you have NFI what you’re doing, & that you need to speak to the I.T guy (who is currently on holiday in Bali) ..TRUST ME this happens.

I know it sounds simple & straight forward, but you would be surprised how many businesses aren’t checking the above boxes. Learn from other peoples hard yards …i did & it sure saved my ass today BIG TIME!!