[09.08.2014] JYJ's ment before Back Seat
  • Jaejoong:It has been a long time that we come back with a full-length album. When I watched our teaser, I felt like we were debuting as rookie again. We 3 are still young. We felt very fresh. But our song is banned.
  • Junsu:Well, it should be banned by at least 1 broadcaster. (Laugh)
  • Yoochun:It’s because Junsu danced too sexily.
  • Junsu:To be honest, although our song is banned… Well… Even it wasn’t banned, we still couldn’t appear on TV anyway…
  • Yoochun:Above all, because we can’t appear on TV, it’s very special to be able to see you on concert stage like this.
  • JYJ:Let’s think about this positively… positively. We can’t meet nowhere other than this stage.
  • English by hannah@princejj

3/8/2014 TF press conference + backseat

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Let's discuss JYJ's "Backseat."

"Don’t be afraid of it."

Afraid of what? Your ginormous… hands…?

Glorious hip thrusts. "Put you on my backseat." Does JYJ understand the importance of correct preposition usage? “On” and “in” make such a large difference. 

Jaejoong has perfected the sex stare.

"This mood is right / You can get it on girl / I can put you on my back seat / You know what next is back seat." I have no idea what you are saying, just take your clothes off and stop talking.