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I was cleaning out my bag the other night because a container of sunflower seeds came open inside one of the pockets, and……… I noticed there was a ton of crap.

So I decided to organize it nicely and photograph it.

These items fluctuate SLIGHTLY. And by “slightly,” most of the time my tablet is not in my bag. Everything else is. I can barely manage the weight of the bag on a given day, but if the tablet is in there, it’s the straw that broke the camel’s back.

So yes. The “Bag of Holding” from Thinkgeek is a WONDERFUL bag. It’s heavy duty canvas, mega sturdy, holds all this stuff no problem. I use it as a backpack rather than a side-saddle because…this bag is monstrous and I am small. But if you’re ever in the market for a backpack that, essentially, you are planning to live out of, this one is great.

Edit: Yes that says rock. It’s a special rock. It reminds me the outside world exists when I’m trapped inside a windowless building for hours. (I was there for ten hours today.)