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surprising hope/jimjim and jin with sexy underwear? ><

You did this on purpose, didn’t you?

I’m setting the scene as if he’s coming home and you’re there in your underwear waiting for him.

J-Hope:  He’d be genuinely shocked. Not in like a "Gurl wtf put some clothes on." kind of way. More like, “Ooh~ what’s this? For me?” He might be a bit squeamish about the idea at first, but he’d ease into it pretty quickly. He’d wrap his arms around your waist and let his hands slip down to rest of your hips. Being the jokester he is though, he’d probably pinch one of your hips, just so he could get a laugh out of your slapping his hand away. Before you can walk way though, he’ll have you caught in a backhug and his lips pressed to your shoulder to try and coax you back into the mood.

Jimin: “My, my. What have we here~” He’s going to like this. He’s probably had a long day, so it’s time to relieve so stress, no? After he’s kicked off his shoes and thrown his jacket to the side, he’ll pull you in close by the waist, making sure to trail his fingers up and down your sides. He’d dip his head down and attach his lips to your neck and hum in satisfaction when he hears your soft moans. He wouldn’t really say much as he’s tired and wants to get down to business, but that shouldn’t make it any less fun~ 

Jin: Mother of mercy, are you trying to give this poor boy a heart attack? He most certainly was not expected to come home to this. Just like J-Hope, he’d be really shocked. Don’t take it the wrong way though, it’s a pleasant surprise. A very pleasant surprise indeed. He’d be pretty awkward about it, not because he’s turned off, but because he’s still flustered from the surprise. If you were expecting to get something out of it, you’d probably have to initiate. He’s just so awestricken by your beautiful body. 


Lemme tell you, it is difficult as shit to find gifs of Jin. That is not an okay thing.



Team A members were all lined up and waiting for Bang Yedam to choose which one of them he thought was most handsome. Yedam was supposed to backhug his pick. However, before Mino finishes his countdown, Taehyun tries to sneak behind Mino and backhug Mino himself.