- “i am now going to proceed to stay up till 4am on the internet.”
- “as usual.”

there’s a good chance that dan hasn’t even noticed phil fell asleep yet.

no i did not put a lil hayley williams in the corner idk what ur talkin about

hi!!! school is starting for me tomorrow and idk about you guys but that’s kinda huge for me, so i wanted to make a follow forever to celebrate all the wonderful people i’ve met/stalked during my lovely time on the internet. i want to thank you all for making this such a lovely experience and for letting me make such fantastic friends!!! if i start school and never have time for the internet ever again (lmao unlikely), i at least got to meet you all (▰˘◡˘▰) i’m also kinda close to 8k so that ties in w this. ok over with the mushy stuff

 *:・゚✧*:・゚✧♥ special shoutout to mahana because she’s wonderful and i love her a lot ♥*:・゚✧*:・゚✧


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Here are some Adventure Time backgrounds I drew. I should post these more frequently, but…I forget all the time.

Art Director – Nick Jennings

BG designer- ME!

BG painters – Sandra Calleros, Ron Russell, and Teri Shikasho


Kix TV - Heroes Easter

Animated idents for children’s channel Kix TV I had the pleasure of working on a while ago. The brief was to work on a short channel ident to promote a themed fortnight of programming, and I had the chance to do most of the colour design (bar the red character), the backgrounds, and actually colour a few of the animated frames too (although the bulk of that was done by the wonderful Sarah).

This was one of those projects that sets the bar really high, as far as dream projects go. Simon was a joy to work with, gave me so much freedom, and everyone was really excited about this (because we’re all big nerds who were just too psyched about animating freaking fighting scene). It’s not everyday you get to exchange emails containing a bunch of !!! and CAPS LOCK with your AD.

This was actually meant to be a longer continuous sequence that included a bear and a robot (!!!) - you can actually see that animatic here! Unfortunately time constraints didn’t allow for that. Maybe next year!

Simon Williams - Creation & Direction + Animation + Character Design
Ricardo Bessa - Backgrounds + Colour Design + Frame Colouring
Sarah Jones - Frame Colouring