Guess who ate grain this weekend:  One would think that a full grown adult (ish) person who has a grain allergy causing intense rash and itchiness would stay away from the freaking pizza…..yeah, not so much.  It seems like once a month (and not on THAT cycle) I feel the intense desire for pizza.  So I eat it.  And I pay. Eat clean Judy, eat clean.

Random Cock Picture:  For the new porn bloggers who decided to follow my old lady fitness blog.  Guys and Gals, this is the only kind of cock I want to see on my dash.  Please lurk away and find someone else to creep. 

WOD today was fun, didn’t get a pic of the board, but all those white boards are fascist anyway.  Did some back squats and clean and jerks.  Kept both at 55#.  Wall balls, chest to bar pull ups and toes to bars were also on the board. 

Have the best day ever folks!

We ate well for two days then were compelled to indulge in a Vocellis spinach garlic pizza.  It was delicious. 

@Robvibe and I were all set to spend a relaxing last full day of vacation together,  until I rode with Zoe for 2 hours,  came home and fell dead asleep.  Can you say,  “In the dog house”? I hate when I do that crap. It wasn’t on purpose but none the less….

As far as riding goes,  It was a good day, sunny but cool and I was back on Trinity as my hip/leg could not handle an afternoon on butt head Apache. And Zoe handled him beautifully.  I am so proud of the equestrian she has become. 

And finally,  It is all fun and games until someone gets a chicken stuck in their hair!

Kids are off to camp tomorrow.  A kid free week for Rob and I. Hopefully I won’t sleep through it  all *sigh*


luckily there’s no drutter association to fine him for excessive celebration

I didn’t think much of chickens until we inherited them with our new house but I honestly think there one of the best pets! (After cats of course). Last week our dog got out and chased the poor bawks around and one fell into the creek, naturally I turned into Hulk and jumped down the 8 foot barrier to rescue her- thankfully the creek was really low and she landed on a rock. But after that incident she now follows me around the yard and is always the first to come up to me! Chickens are a lot smarter than we give them credit for, they see in full colour, have REM sleep like we do, and can remember up to 30 different individuals! People think I’m crazy when I talk about my chickens but their just so awesome! Anyone thinking of getting chickens I highly recommend it:)

Chicken keepers! I need some HELP and ADVICE.

Our neighbours have gotten pet chickens… which is FINE, as it’s legal to have them in city limits.

Except they’re tied up by one leg and have no coop…Said neighbour is from another country where keeping chickens tied up with stakes in the ground is normal… Its actually kind of disturbing to watch and see, and it’s flipping my family out something horrid. It looks cruel to me and they have no safe place to roost or lay eggs…

Problem I have- and I know Its going to happen- We have coyotes and foxes around here. We have to watch our youngest dog even with a fenced in back yard because she’s on the edge of being just small enough that a coyote might try to take her down. We also regularly see them hunting rabbits in our neighbourhood at night.

Problem two- If one does escape and gets into our yard? My dog will kill it. No if and or butts. She will kill it. Both our dogs are bird dogs…

So here’s where I’m asking you back yard chicken folks… What the hell do I do? Do we report them for not having adequate shelter for their hens or what. I don’t know the laws other than its legal to have pet chickens in city limits- and I cannot find enough info online to tell if its okay or not… With dogs and cats one MUST provide accessible shelter, food and water…

HELP! I don’t want these chickens getting hurt or dying from the heat or from stress because our neighbours haven’t done their research… I’m more interested in the animals’ welfare than anything else.

WIW: The “How we are spending our vacation” Edition.  And other random shit.

Been away for a bit as I am finding it hard to be upbeat, positive and fitness/food focused when all I am really doing is trying to figure out how the hell to get anything accomplished on one leg and while dealing with constant pain.  I have determined I am not good at pain. 

My weight isn’t going anywhere either.  Today’s weight is up due to we are on “vacation mode”.  We close our office every year during the week of the fourth of July and hence we are off, but this year we aren’t travelling so robvibe and I are hanging around the homestead, trying to formulate our perfect margarita and we are on the right track for sure!

Rob has also moved, revamped and secured the chicken’s coop.  We lost 2 hens this week to predators while they were free ranging.  Very sad indeed, but as the predators live here in the wilds of South Buffalo Township, we decided to make some improvements to the coop. 

So today’s weight:  162.4

Happy Hump Day All!

So apparently hens are illegal in Houston if they are within 100 feet of someone’s house.


I’m either going to need a gigantic back yard or no chickens after all… Now that is a huge bummer. I’ve been getting all excited over chickens for the last month. :( Going to bring a 100 foot rope to measure yards when we’re house hunting I guess lol.

Best $70 we've ever payed forward!

Yesterday my husband and I met a young family stranded in our neck of the woods with a dead battery, and no finds to replace it. Initially I offered them $20 and inquired about their journey and how they found themselves stuck. After learning a few more things about them I handed over another $30, and our conversation continued. The young mother told me about and raved about the information and opportunities it contained, hubby made a mental note, they were heading for Sage, Ca and I asked how much they had raised toward the $95 price tag on the new battery and decided to hand over the last $20 bill I had tucked deeply into my pocket. I commented that I had sold two chickens that morning and was passing it on to them. They must have thought I was nuts! LOL but truth be told, my husband Brian and I are in the process of downsizing my flock of back yard chickens in preparation for a move. We decided months ago that we wanted to sell our Mc Mansion and buy rural land to homestead and develop with permaculture and have been working towards that goal ever since! Stopping to help out this young couple was really a blessing! Brian had up on his phone the minute we got home, we read through many posts and replies and the more we read the more excited we became! None of our friends or family “get” what we wish to do with our lives and we are “nuts” for wanting to sell our home and live a simpler life, so finding a group of like minded people was a god send! I want to thank the young family heading to Sage for telling us about this site! If you happen to see this please let us know that you made it safely! We are very grateful for having met you and appreciate the information you shared with us!
With much gratitude,
Kathryn Grace


chickens…not in my back yard! |

chickens…not in my back yard! |

i bought 5 layer chicks in march or 2014 and gave myself a year to try out backyard livestock, however after 10 months it was time to cut the experiment short. the birds were easy and provided an abundance of eggs, too many in fact (or not, if you are one of our neighbours.) in hindsight i think 3 hens would have been plenty.

there is no denying that fresh laid eggs are the best! i might also add…

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chickens...not in my back yard!

chickens…not in my back yard!

i bought 5 layer chicks in march or 2014 and gave myself a year to try out backyard livestock, however after 10 months it was time to cut the experiment short. the birds were easy and provided an abundance of eggs, too many in fact (or not, if you are one of our neighbours.) in hindsight i think 3 hens would have been plenty.

there is no denying that fresh laid eggs are the best! i might also…

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