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If I was a teacher after a holiday… by Thomas Sanders


Okay so it’s 2015 - it’s time for a better you, right? That’s a thing people say? Here’s a list of resources to help you at school. Because school sucks and the internet exists to help you get through it. Okay. Here we go.


studying is tough

make a rad presentation

take better notes

better and easier essays

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Heading into a new semester, or mesh of classes, might require some things, like:

  • A planner
  • A White Board
  • Sticky Notes
  • (Above just some things that might help)

1. Compile a list of upcoming courses, and time of courses

2. Viewing the lists, ask yourself are your classes during times when you are productive? Once a week, twice a week, and three times a week? What books and excerpts are required?

3. Color coding (optional might help). Classes feel you might stronger in,vs classes you might be weaker in. How can you leverage both? Think and brainstorm for 15 to 30 minutes.

4. Review your previous semester, what were common road blocks you had? What triggers your procrastination? What triggers your energy to study or to get things done in general?What study strategies worked last semester? 

5. Lastly play with it. Find youtube views of lectures concerning your class, review some topics, using the preview feature of google books, or look use power points using the name of your course. Allow yourself to just hear or familiar with some of the terms. Also ask people who had taken the class, what study strategies helped? And how the professor teaches and grades:)

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