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Okay so it’s 2015 - it’s time for a better you, right? That’s a thing people say? Here’s a list of resources to help you at school. Because school sucks and the internet exists to help you get through it. Okay. Here we go.


studying is tough

make a rad presentation

take better notes

better and easier essays

New video (CLICK)! I am sorry for being M.I.A, but new how to study + how to prepare for next semester video. Learn how to organized your planner, refresh after a bad grade, and find your study flow! Share, like, comment, and reblog. :) Happy Sunday (CLICK)

Heading into a new semester, or mesh of classes, might require some things, like:

  • A planner
  • A White Board
  • Sticky Notes
  • (Above just some things that might help)

1. Compile a list of upcoming courses, and time of courses

2. Viewing the lists, ask yourself are your classes during times when you are productive? Once a week, twice a week, and three times a week? What books and excerpts are required?

3. Color coding (optional might help). Classes feel you might stronger in,vs classes you might be weaker in. How can you leverage both? Think and brainstorm for 15 to 30 minutes.

4. Review your previous semester, what were common road blocks you had? What triggers your procrastination? What triggers your energy to study or to get things done in general?What study strategies worked last semester? 

5. Lastly play with it. Find youtube views of lectures concerning your class, review some topics, using the preview feature of google books, or look use power points using the name of your course. Allow yourself to just hear or familiar with some of the terms. Also ask people who had taken the class, what study strategies helped? And how the professor teaches and grades:)

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It occurred to me yesterday, that I still have more than a month left of holidays (yay), but some of you unlucky ducks are heading back to school next week. Here are some easy DIYs to fill in your remaining days and help you get back into the mojo. 

So my first little DIY is a Mexican inspired salad in a jar because jars are the best and a mess-free way of transporting salad around, especially for uni without a lunchbox. This salad is vegan and healthy and delicious.  

These are the ingredients that I put in my jar. 

I added some Mexican rice that I had made the night before into my jar, but you could also add another grain, some meat, cheese or sour cream to shake things up.

You can really fill your jar in any order. I put my salsa/dressing on the bottom so nothing goes soggy. I always wait until my quinoa is completely cool before I add it in. 

And voila, you’re done! 

I used to cover my books at school in collages I made out of old magazines. 

I just made my collage on  a piece of A4 paper because that generally is the size of my books. If you don’t have any old magazines you want to cut up, the free ones that you get in stores like Sportsgirl are really handy.

You can glue these onto your books or look for the ones that have a clear cover insert on the front - they’re super easy. Magazine pages with cool images always look good too!

These are fab when studying to mark a page or spot in your book. Even as book marks in a reading book. 

I stuck flowers on the end of my paper clips, but buttons and things like that work well! I also bought jumbo paper clips, but little ones are fine too.

The flowers I bought had wire attached to the back, so I just attached them to the paper clip using that. I had originally intended to use a hot glue gun though, so if your flowers don’t have wire, you could try that.

And your super cute book marks are complete!

These didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped - I bought the wrong tape and they turned out pretty messy and bulky. The plus is though, they are pretty cushioned and soft. I would recommend something smaller, something like Washi tape.

I just cut a piece of tape and then wrapped it around the pencil until it was covered. 

Good luck and I hope you all have a lovely year!

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