back then when the movies came out

okay i just came back from the movies and here’s my review of avengers age of ultron:

MOTHER SCARLET WITCH WENT OFF!! WHEN SHE WALKED OUT OF THAT DOOR WHEW BITCH!! and all through the movie i sat there thinking about how i wanted quicksilver to do things to my puthy thats illegal in at least 76 countries thats my review thank you for reading and thank ME for writing

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Are there movies/books/albums that you have to regularly have to revisit, ones that you love to dive back into? Also one of your favourite moments as a mom.

Ok, i am going to answer this publicly.


  • Breakfast Club
  • Ferris Beuller’s Day Off
  • A Knights Tail
  • There are so many (these are off the top of my head)


  • Hunger Games
  • Infamous: Chronicles of Nick


  • Glee
  • 30 Seconds to Mars
  • Linkin Park
  • Green Day

Favorite moment as a parent. There are so many moments. 

When my 2yr picks up a new word or repeats a new saying, those are cool days. For example, today he ran down the hallway into the bedroom, and came back out with a blanket. He ran up to me and scream, “I got a blankie!” And it was adorable.

When my 5yr makes progress in his therapy. Like i got a video from Neko, where Neko had tossed a ball to Monkey, and Monkey was able to kick it in the air. This is huge for him to have the coordination to track the ball to his leg. I was super proud.

Then the days that the 2 of them are nice to each other. Where Bean makes sure that Monkey has gummies if he does. Or Monkey makes sure that Bean gets a Banana. Monkey looking out for Bean, and telling every one that he is allergic to eggs.

Every day is a joy. Even if i want to pull my hair out some days. Even if trying to find the right pair of soft pants for Monkey, or the correct Elmo for Bean, takes a few minutes, i would not trade my life for any thing.

Star Wars Appreciation Week

Day 3 - Favourite Outfit: Padme’s Purple Senate Gown


get to know me meme — [4/] favourite movies: Titanic (1997)

Fifteen-hundred people went into the sea, when Titanic sank from under us. There were twenty boats floating nearby… and only one came back. One. Six were saved from the water, myself included. Six… out of fifteen-hundred. Afterward, the seven-hundred people in the boats had nothing to do but wait… wait to die… wait to live… wait for an absolution… that would never come.

Carrie Fisher was thrilled when she was asked to join Star Wars VII. But the only way she could slip back into her role of Princess Leia was if she shed a substantial amount of weight, the 57-year-old actress revealed while by her mother Debbie Reynolds’ side at the the Hollywood icon’s costume auction event in LA this week. ‘They didn’t hire me, they hired me minus 35 pounds,’ the brunette beauty confessed.

so, as the story goes… Mark Hamil was in a pretty bad automobile accident  shortly after the first Star Wars movie came out.  His face got pretty badly injured and plastic surgery wasn’t as refined back then as it is now.  He was very worried that he was going to be dropped from the planned sequel and that another actor would be brought in to take over the role of Luke Skywalker.  Instead, George Lucas wrote in the scene where Luke got attacked by the wampa (that big yeti looking monster that jacks Luke up at the beginning of Empire Strikes back).  Luke’s having been attacked like that thus explained his injured-looking face (even though, as a kid, I didn’t even notice his face had changed).  

Anyways, now I’m reading that Carrie Fisher had to loose a bunch of weight before the producers would agree to let here be involved in the upcoming sequel, The Force Awakens.  She apparently has lost this weight, but the whole idea of it really pisses me off.  I mean, Mark Hamill looses his face to road rash and it’s all good, but Ms. Fisher puts on some pounds and suddenly Princess Leah’s going to be written out?  wtf?

Lets see Harrison Ford go through menopause and maintain his ‘slave Leah’ figure…


me and admin oliveroffcenter were thinking about what kinds of gross things the boys would do when no one’s looking. we were mildly disturbed by how easily we came up with these…aka the post to end all posts

Noctis: Falls asleep when watching really long movies(old man McNoctis). Doesn’t comb his hair in the morning. Sometimes fails to wipe all the drool off his mouth when he wakes up in the morning (ya nasty). Noctis will sometimes accidentally drop other people’s toothbrushes in the toilet when he’s too tired to function and put them back in the holder after just rinsing them off.

Prompto: Rips ass out of nowhere. Fuckin nasty. Buy this fucker one of those auto-spray febreeze things and clip it to his ass. Eats raw cookie dough. Like he will literally go down to the kitchen and grab that nestle cookie dough shit and walk out. He’s gotten salmonella twice.

Gladio: Burps like the child of Zeus is emerging from the depths of his motherfucking esophagus. He also will stick his fingers into food while its being cooked to try it out of curiosity. And he double-dips.

Ignis: Leaves mugs everywhere. Literally any flat surface you can think of, Ignis has left his drink there. His desk is riddled with rings left by the countless cups of coffee and tea left out during late nights reading. Speaking of reading how many fucking books do you own? And why are they EVERYWHERE. Are those books in your bed?! What the fuck, Ignis?! Also some of them are probably porn (probably)[Most likely].


Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon changed my life.  There’s no way around it.

First, it’s one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever seen in my life.  I only had the chance to visit twice, and it was magical.  The city is full of cobblestone streets, cathedrals and beautiful buildings on every corner, a stunning pantheon, red brick roofs…It’s divine.  It was a port that I desperately wished I could visit more, but sadly, it was a part of the transatlantic itinerary, and I only did a transatlantic cruise twice.  (Which was plenty, believe me.)

But beyond that, something kind of crazy happened in Lisbon.  The first time I went there, I had just met Harrison, and we went out together with another friend of mine.  We had a blast, and we talked music and food and movies and life…Little did I know that the next time I would visit Lisbon, six months later, he would be the love of my life.  We came back together when we crossed back to Europe, and we held hands as we wandered around the city, taking in everything we could.  We climbed hills and went to the top of giant domed buildings and just enjoyed being together.  This city will forever hold a special place in my heart because of that.  

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I just watched "Cowspiracy" for the first time and when I got to the "sustainable farm" part I literally almost threw my laptop at the wall! They say, and I quote, " We love animals. And we are in the meat industry because of that." "You know, it is horrible, horrible to think that most people don't see meat on the shelf as a living, breathing animal. So, you know, as she said, we love animals, that's why we do this." I want to rip my hair out! UGHHHHH FUCKING CARNISTS!!!!!!!!!

I had to do stop and so something so paused movie. Came back and I am at the interview with Animal Ag. Alliance and I wish I could reach through the internet and punch this woman in the face! She says that animals living in factory farms are happier than animals raised on pasture land and have better/individualized attention!!!!!!!! I’m sorry, I just need to vent…. Why do humans insist to be like this?!

Hi anon! 

I know how you feel, Cowspiracy it’s a great eye opener, after seeing so many documentaries I can tell you that humans are the devil itself; if we don’t have respect for our own kind we will never have respect for other species. It is important to keep going, spreading the message, opening people’s eyes; it’s the only way.

man I was watchin a rom-com from 2004 today
and there’s a scene where he calls information and gets a girl’s phone number and address
and he tries to call but then gets nervous and hangs up
so he goes…to her HOUSE…and stands out there and waits for her to come home…so he can like ambush her and I was like -
that’s really fucking creepy. that is REALLY fucking creepy and weird. but the thing is I used to watch this movie ALL THE TIME back when it first came out and that sort of shit is so normalized and painted up as romantic when it’s?!?! STALKING LMAO

re: the Resident Evil followers I’ve gained recently

so there’s hella resident evil blogs i’ve been interacting with lately (THIS IS ENTIRELY YOUR FAULT ssamuraiedge) and I

have only ever seen the movie

back when it first came out

so I’ve been slowly picking up a little from playing with people and being shown clips, but for the most part i’m largely lost.  I’d figured I’d give you guys an idea of what you’re working with, here.  

Here is a complete list of what I have learned about the Resident Evil games:

  • Michelle Rodriguez is not going to show up anytime soon
  • BSAA has the exact same amount of syllables as “Zombie Police” and they amount to the same thing so why bother with the pretentious acronym
  • there are like a fuckton of these crazy viruses?  IT’S NOT JUST THE T-VIRUS IT’S LIKE THE WHOLE DAMN ALPHABET AND THEN THEY START NAMING THEM LIKE HURRICANES? who is making these?  stop????? the cdc is not happy with you i can promise you that
  • you might turn into a zombie but you might also puke-splode into worms or become a monster, or maybe just look like a hot dilf with tentacles and sunglasses who even knows
  • Wesker spends entirely too much of his budget on custom leather clothing and i can’t tell if he sounds hot or like an evil muppet
  • People who want to fuck Chris Redfield’s hairy bear butt: Piers, Jessica, probably Wesker?  Yeah probably Wesker
  • People Chris wishes would fuck his hairy bear butt: Jill
  • Role Models of note are Carla Radames and Excella Gionne and since they’re my favorites i immediately knew they were both canonically dead without having to be informed
  • you could replace Piers Nivans with a corgi puppy and basically everything would have proceeded as normal
  • Alexia Ashford is a plant/fire type!!!!!?!?!!!?  VERY DANGEROUS DO NOT FUCK WITH.  no weaknesses.   use master ball!
  • if you become even vaguely acquainted with either Redfield sibling you are gonna die.  interacting with them has an even higher mortality rate than hopping on Daredevil’s dick and that is pretty impressive.  I bet even their mail people and baristas die horribly
  • Jake Mullens or Muller or w/e his name is did not receive enough hugs and probably never will
  • Who is Barry Burton?   Idk but apparently he is a steady and reliable source of dad jokes??
  • Leon Kennedy is in all likelihood a long-lost Backstreet Boy and almost certainly a hair model in his spare time
  • Raccoon City is not actually a city made up of exclusively raccoons and that was one hell of a let down when i realized that, let me tell you.  I was picturing ridiculous raccoon monsters and wondering why the hell a city for raccoons existed and now i have nothing

That’s it for now, I’ll publish more of my findings as i learn 

I bet that when the movie Tron came out in 1982, there were Flynn girls, and Tron girls. Then there were the girls who were very specific that they liked Alan, not Tron. And then there were the overlooked Ram girls, the minority, who always cried watching him get derezzed, and had secret AUs where he would come back to life.

Spoilers Ahead for Age of Ultron

I watched Age of Ultron yesterday morning and I’ve spent two days thinking about it and analyzing it. I keep coming back to Ultron, but I suppose that’s because he’s the focal point of the film.

Ultron has always been my favorite Avengers villain and I was ecstatic when It was announced that he would be introduced into the MCU. But I came out of the movie really disappointed in this version of him. I felt like they tried to recreate the success they had with Loki in the first movie, and had violated Ultron in the process. But as I delved deeper I thought about Ultron. Across as many universes as I know the core of Ultron has always been rooted in man’s fear of machines. He’s calculating, emotionless, and all-powerful. What made Ultron my favorite villain is how terrifying he was compared to the other, over-the-top villains. O realize know he was so scary because he wasn’t human. There was no conscience to use against him, there was no soul to reach out to, there was just empty metal.

Then in AoU we’re presented with a humanized Ultron. He has emotions, he develops attachments, his first action after his existence begins is fear. He’s not just Artificial Intelligence or metal, he has a soul. (Now whether it’s an artificial soul or real is a debate for later.)

One of the moments I hated the most was onboard the container ship, when he cut, (man who’s name I’ve forgotten)’s, arm off then showed a mixture of disgust and remorse. He managed to right himself, but he did that through rage, something a machine shouldn’t be capable of. But the more I thought about it, I realize Ultron has shifted because society’s fears have shifted.

Heartless, calculating, death machines aren’t what scare us anymore. What scares us is that something nonhuman can have a soul. That what humans hold so sacred, the thing that sets them apart from everything else that lives can be manufactured. I think that terrifies people because if souls aren’t strictly human anymore, what’s the point of humans?

I believe Ultron’s humanity in this movie is not a poor representation of humanity’s fear of machines, but an astound representation of humanity’s fear of being replaced.

Dear Taylor,

I have been a fan of yours since I was in 8th grade in 2009. I was starting to really like Love Story, so I bought it on iTunes. I was a huge Jonas Brothers fan at the time, and when their 3D concert movie came out, of course I went to see it! When it came to your guest appearance singing Should’ve Said No, I was like “Holy crap that girl can sing!” I love when artists sound great live, so I was super impressed by that moment. And so I became a fan, and my mom was very reluctant to accept my devotion to another artist, because in the past, she had taken me to see the Jonas Brothers and Hilary Duff (way back when), and none of that was free. My mom gets it though, and I am so thankful that she took me to see my favorite artists and buy me their albums and tee shirts when I was younger, because being a fan of different artists has been one of the most fun/thrilling/unforgettable parts of my life.

Now I am 20, and my mom and I have been to 3 of your shows together (1 Speak Now, 2 Red). The last one we went to was the last Nashville show of the Red Tour, and it was the first concert I could buy the tickets for myself because I had a job. So I bought tickets for my mom and I and we had a blast! That was also the first time I traveled for you; we drove from Orlando to Nashville to see you, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. It was such a magical night, because you had Hunter Hayes as the special guest, you played Sad Beautiful Tragic on the b-stage and even though you were sick you got through the entire show flawlessly. The day after that show, I was already planning where I wanted to see you on your next tour, and my mom thought I was crazy because I wanted to see you in all these cities across the country. But I was determined to make it happen, and the more I talked about it the more she came around.

Long story short (probably too late for that), my mom and I are going to 13 shows on the 1989 World Tour. I have been saving and saving my money since that day after the Nashville show. I don’t have a fancy job but I work full time, and I have learned the value in saving money-that it can get you things you never thought you could have. I probably won’t ever get the chance to do this crazy thing again, because I will be moving out before your next tour and I’ll have more bills, and hopefully I’ll have a career that will keep me busy! So this is my year to get all these experiences in, to see you perform at a stadium for the first time at Metlife and visit New York City for the first time, to witness you sing to FIVE SOLD OUT CROWDS with the awesome guests you probably have lined up for Los Angeles at the famous Staples Center, to see you in Nashville again where it all started for you, to see you on Halloween in Tampa (in my home state!) with my friends, to see you closer than I have ever been, and to sing and jump and dance with thousands of other Swifties on 13 separate occasions with my mom. It’s surely going to be a year we won’t ever forget. We love you, Taylor, and we can’t wait to see you!

P.S. We also love Disney World so if you ever wanted to go with us, we would gladly say yes.

P.S.S. My mom and I are each other’s best friend, and I can’t imagine the heartache you are experiencing with the news about Mama Swift. We think about her and your family often and hope everything is going as well as it can right now.


-Carín & Carín’s mom, Emily


Time Traveler with Talking Bear Engaged in Self Penetrative Act with Multifunctional Tool:

We had a bit of a resurgence of interest in Doctor Who over the weekend.  When I asked if all the discussions about The Doctor meant that there should be related napkin this week, my younger son replied immediately that I should draw him with Paddington Bear putting the Sonic Screwdriver in his ear.

Perhaps this was a case of unfinished business. There had been a similar request back when the Paddington movie came out, and I had refrained from drawing the bear with the device actually inserted.  Looking at it now, I don’t think it is any more disturbing to see the Sonic Screwdriver in Paddington’s ear than it was to see the earwax…. on the napkin, or in the movie. 

But on further reflection, I am not certain if my son actually wanted me to draw Paddington putting the Screwdriver in Mr. Capaldi’s ear….

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You said to ask, so I'm askin' : When did you first get interested in the Transformers fandom?

it was back in 2007 (has it been 7-8 years?? my lord), when the first bayformers movie came out. I was blown away by the CGI - people can hate those movies all they want, but the realistic transformations they do?? they are AMAZING ok. and yes basically the milisecond I saw Optimus transform and speak, it was love at first sight :D

aaand then ya I went researching and found G1 and watched it, then … either Armada or TFA, then by that time TFP had started airing. then I got into tumblr (after looking for Avengers stuff, actually) which introduced me to the comics, and yeah, here I am!! (and i’m never leaving lol) :P

In honor of #AgeofUltron here is a repost of my #ScarletWitchCosplay from almost a year ago when the set photos first came out. Like, literally a week after our “first look” at MCU Wanda came out I did this photoshoot with my sister @maximumred now that we have seen the movie and know what her hex powers look like I need to go back to these photos and edit in some magic effects! #Avengers #AvengersAssemble #AoU #ScarletWitch #WandaMaximoff #MCU #Cosplay

  ; today me & the guy I’m dating skipped the last half of our history lecture because
  it was so fucking boring, so we sat outside & talked & he had his arm around me &
  he kept it there even when one of his mates came over to say hi & he told me all
  about his school mates today & he brushed hair back behind my ear like in movies
  & then when we said goodbye he kissed my neck ah