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Behind the Scenes of Daleks In Manhattan / Evolution of the Daleks (Part One of Two)

Excerpts from James Strong’s “Director’s Diary” of the filming for DWM issue #383

- Tue 14 November -
It’s trying to rain.  Ignore it, you fools!  Tonight, the Doctor defies the Daleks, and we defy the showers.  Take after take, David delivers a spellbinding mix of anger, fear, and determination.  Afterwards, he sounds a little hoarse.  I hope he hasn’t overdone things.  Finally, we kill Solomon, who has to fall into the mud and ruin his costume, so we make doubly-sure that we’ve shot everything with actor Hugh Quarshie before he drops, which he does with consummate elegance - a fine and noble death.

- Thur 16 November -
[…] And then Phil calls with some really bad news:  David has lost his voice. His exertions over the past few weeks have taken their toll.  Guiltily, I think back to that extra take of him defying the Daleks.  We have to reschedule the day, and hope that his voice recovers in time for the Doctor’s confrontation with the remaining Daleks tomorrow.

- Fri 17 November -
The Doctor faces the remaining Daleks and the imprisoned Sec in the theatre.  We have to use the whole space, so I decide to put the Doctor and the company in the stalls.  However, that puts them miles away from - and at least six feet lower than - the Daleks on stage.  I ask David how he feels about crawling to the front and leaping on stage, but he suggests standing on the seats instead.  Genius!  David is now eye to eyestalk with his nemesis.

- Thur 23 November -
Torrential rain!  And on Doctor Who’s birthday too!  It’s the last night of the shoot, and finally our luck with the weather has run dry - or more precisely, wet. [… bits about miraculous short breaks in the weather, allowing them to film the scenes on the girders …]  We’re underway.  It’s freezing, though, and the poor cast are suffering as the rain comes and goes.  But we get it, we’ve done it, it’s a wrap.  I shake hands with my crew, I hug David - thank you for everything.  It’s going to be a cracker.

Other behind-the-scenes photosets are available here


Super Smash Bros Wii U - All Mewtwo Victory Animations (Japanese)

Notes: Mewtwo is now voice by Kenji Fujiwara, know by Axel in Kingdom Hearts,  Kimura Tatsuya in Hajime No Ippo,  Jake Martinez in Tiger & Bunny and Maxie in Pokemon Anime

AS ALWAYS, Mewtwo only speaks complete japanese in Japan (like Masachika Ichimura) and still not get it why nintendo USA not put dialogue in all countrys and jus put EVIL LAUGH, but had same dialogue in melee.

  • Watashi wa makeru wake niwa ikanai! (“I cannot lose!”)
  • Watashi wa naze koko ni iru no ka? (“Why am I here…?”)
  • Orokana。 (“Foolish.”)

#686.5 - As Inkay age they feel compelled to alter their orientation, and use their psychic powers and ability to levitate to hold their bodies upside down for extended periods of time. The older they get, the longer they are able to stay reversed, until the day when they do not flip back; when the evolution is complete.

This post was commissioned, as well as requested by cecile-proffit and narwhao.

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myinnerscientist asked:

Hey, I just wanted to say that there are some Christians out there that don't reject the reality of, well, reality, and that we also see the fallacies of creationism. The amount of evidence that backs up evolution makes the idea undeniable and i find it strange that Christians can be perfectly okay with the science of a baby developing in the womb, but wont accept that the EXACT same thing could have happened in the past. Thanks Canned Ham (Ken Ham).

I agree. I have stated several times that my issues are with the anti-science, misogynist, homophobic fundamentalists. He really does give Christianity a bad name. Thank you for the message.

“I realized with some surprise that Ken Ham scared me. I wasn’t physically afraid. I didn’t think he’d haul off and punch me if I told him that I was a humanist. But his grim affect and coldly irrational imitation of rationality struck me as borderline sociopathic… Later I read an essay Ham wrote for Creation magazine on the second anniversary of September 11: “After the 9/11 attack, I had someone say to me: ‘I’m glad I wasn’t in the World Trade Center - I would have died.’ I replied, ‘Well, don’t worry, your turn is coming.’” Who thinks that way? Who thinks Jesus wants them to think that way?”
-Daniel Radosh (2008), Rapture Ready!: Adventures in the Parallel Universe of Christian Pop Culture, Simon and Schuster

“I do believe that people who adhere to young earth creationism do in fact demonstrate many traits found in cults, and the leaders of the young earth movement, such as Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis, use the same tactics used by cult leaders, in order to keep young earth followers in line with young earth teaching.
-Greg Neyman, “Creation Science: Is Young Earth Creationism a Cult?”, Old Earth Ministries (March 4, 2013)

“I understand that you take the Bible, as written in English, translated many many times over the last three millennia as to be a more accurate, more reasonable assessment of the natural laws we see around us than what I and everybody in here can observe. That, to me, is unsettling.”
-Bill Nye, “Bill Nye Debates Ken Ham (video - 165:32)”, YouTube, (February 4, 2014)

“I admit I was dismayed by what I saw at the Ken Ham museum. It was alarming to see so much time, money and effort being spent on making a mockery of hard won scientific knowledge. And the fact that it was being done with such obvious sincerity, somehow made it all the worse.”
Robert Winston, “The God of the Gaps”, The Story of God (Documentary), BBC One, (December 18, 2005)


PUPPY #10 = BLISS!!!!!

(I’ve been completely out of touch with what has been going on in the fandom lately, especially the roleplay part of it. If there are any other Code Lyoko roleplay blogs out there [preferably canon characters] that are active, reblog this post and I’ll give your blog a look-see and possibly give you a follow. I know it seems counterproductive to ask this when I’m selective and this blog is mainly a private RP blog, but I’m looking for some more Code Lyoko RPers since I feel like I’m the only somewhat active one remaining on Tumblr.)


Looking back at the evolution of one of our favorite community events, we are excited to bring the Drive-In back to the Festival this year with co-sponsors @att and @brookfieldplny. Join us at the cinema under the stars in New York City for screenings of ‘Clue,’ 'Lady and The Tramp,’ and 'A Faster Horse.’

anonymous asked:

There's Gitanos camp in my town, we have no issue with them, there's some criminality, but it usually stay within their camp, and doesn't touch us, However, when travelers come to stay with them for a short time, there's rises of all kind of crimes. So much that even "our" Gitanos don't want travelers anymore, because they worked hard to be accepted, it's mostly works, but travelers behavior always send any evolution back and look bad on them.

There can so often be people who come and mess up what we have been working towards. Where I work we get newbies from the city who don’t understand the cultural issues in the (Aboriginal) camps, most of them a alright, but the ones who mess things up for us, really mess things up for us, sometimes for months. It can be frustrating when you have been working hard on getting an understanding only to have it broken by outsiders. 

-Roma One


The evolution of Funassyi, part 21: Funanomics DVD

Back to the Evolution series tracing Funassyi’s history!

On July 26, 2013, Funassyi’s first DVD Funanomics was released by Pony Canyon. While the title Funanomics is a play on Abenomics, economic policies of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Funanomics itself is not a parody of Abenomics or anything of the sort, as has been erroneously stated in various places. As Funassyi explains in the promotional video above, Funanomics means trying to boost Funabashi’s economy by showing people the city’s charms - and that’s what the DVD is basically about. Filmed entirely in Funabashi, it features various Funabashi locations, and also shows Funassyi engaging in a series of outdoor activities in Funabashi parks and such, often with hilarious results.

The DVD is charmingly amateurish. Funassyi’s voice has more or less stabilized, although he talks a lot slower than he does now. There are some interview segments which reveal that Funassyi is a bit of an intellectual too. (Some of the details he reveals on the DVD are included on the About Funassyi page, such as the first album he bought (Metal Head by Deep Purple) and his favorite TV channel (Al Jazeera). 

The DVD also has a version of Funa Funa Funassyi, which was later jazzed up and released as Funassyi’s first single - but sung by an ordinary pitch male voice rather than Funassyi’s high -pitched one.

The Funanomics DVD is available from Amazon US  for a decent price, as well as from Amazon Japan. However, in all honesty I can only recommend it to diehard Funassyi fans, especially if you don’t understand Japanese (it’s not subtitled). It is fairly amateurish as I’ve mentioned, and drags a bit in some places. If you’re interested in early Funassyi history though, it’s quite fascinating to see the still raw, unfinished version of the pearsona on this DVD. 

(I’m skipping ahead a bit in the Evolution/Origins series. Some other highlights that occured between May and July 2013 include Funassyi being recognized as an official mascot for Lalaport Tokyo Bay in June (which now has his Funassyiland store of course), and getting his first voice-acting role on an anime called Nyuru Nyuru Kakusei-kun.)



While we were gone we were collecting dope stuff! Here is a great story we want to share with you now that we’re back on our blog game:

On Saturday, February 21st, Red Bull gave the keys to the city (or at least to a gorgeous DTLA rooftop location) to Futurist Designer Heather Shaw and her team to build an immersive four-story cube inspired by the exponential growth of technology and the theories of Ray Kurzweil

The Circuitry of Life: A Journey Through the Evolution of Technology took live performance, visual art, and responsive technologies to chart not only how the switch from analog to digital has affected human change, but how it has affected human evolution back to an almost tribal sense once more. 

While critics describe the execution as grossly oversimplified, the idea was there. Shaw and her team spent over a year developing an interactive adventure through which she took visitors across five major periods of technological evolution, culminating in an immersive experience that responded to the people within it. The phases were Human Connection (tribal representations of collaborative nature), Industrial Revolution, Integrated Circuit (programmable software), our current Superhighway phase, and the inevitable Singular Consciousness that will bring us back to a tribal mindset, if more transcendent. 

The Creators Project was there, and wrote up an article that describes the piece and what it was getting at, culminating in a fully responsive performance:

At the top of the scaffolded structure, there was a head-shaped clear sculpture with tiny moving images featuring the same video head portraits of the crowd, filmed just moments before. It represented the larger component of the cube, which was made up of individuals as well. Shaw says she originally conceived the whole idea as an “infinity staircase,” then expanded the idea into a cube, because she found her own art gravitating toward the cube as well. It works, because the cube mimics the computer, alluding to the fact that it’s we humans who have designed and developed the computer for our own purposes, and that we are the ones telling it what to do — now, and in the future, too.

Check out the video of the piece’s creation and inspiration above, and VICE’s Creators Project recap here.

anonymous asked:

Gay once meant nothing other than carefree or bright. It then came to refer to homosexual people. And now it's not allowed to change again to mean lame, uncool, or stupid? Why try to hold back the evolution of colloquial language? Personally, the idea of that is a hell of a lot more offensive than referring to something as "gay" .

y’kno i’m glad you want to ask me things that’s great. and no, i’m not sorry if you disagree with my response! 

words evolve, it happens. gay isn’t a colloquial term anymore- it is a sexual orientation. it shouldn’t be used as slang to insult someone. it’s offensive as hell. not to everyone, but to a lot of people who are gay (or on the lgbtq+ spectrum, ‘cuz i’m pan and i say i’m gay as hell all the time) their orientation being synonymous with lame is offensive. find a different word to insult people with, even though insulting people isn’t good either. 

if my wording is confusing (which it often is), feel free to read more concise explanations.

I started reading about astronomy for my story and then of course that led to extraterrestrial life and then that led to extraterrestrial evolution and that looped around all the way back to terrestrial evolution before landing smack dab on human evolution and now I’m horrified of everything.


Sorry for makeing the mistake of posting bulbasaur yesterday I thought that I would do all of the pokemon including starters and others but I have decided that I will do only fully evolved pokemon or pokemon that dont have an evolution. So back to the topic of venasaur. It is a good pokemon with a mega evolution that changes its skin into more of a dinosaur and then adding another flower on the front of it to make it have more flower power. It has high special attack. I would probobly use a move like giga drain with a choice specs also adding on some extra attacks like I have sluge bomb, power whip and earthquake. It could be helpfull to use another set if you are useing a mega and here is what I would use Hp fire and then followed by seed bomb and sluge wave and for a final attack I would use knock off to get rid of your oponents Item.


Heeeey ~Next week i’ll go to Spain with school, i’ll miss you guys -and miss exo too-

So… I’m coming back ‘tonight‘ with the ‘Evolution of Chany from MAMA Mv to Call Me Baby Mv’ , hope you’ll like it!