back at it again in Cairo

bravely series,aka , the problematic fave…

in default….

  • edea lee is 15 in the Japanese version
  • Now let’s put the entirety of the Florem arc and Fiore deRosa here, in tangent with that
  • Alternis Dim is literally an MRA and he’s almost glamorized
  • Agnès Oblige’s treatment in official work. with that vestal skirt. the poor girl doesn’t like being gazed at voyeuristically!
  • Spell Fencer outfits. just….spell fencer outfits
  • Lotta fanservicey female outfits honestly, from the Bravo Bikini and the Bravo Bunny (which deserved a full us censor more than Wakoku Warrior did honestly) to the Vampire asterisk

aaaand now we’ve got a fuckin american first nation stereotype AND she’s in a skimpy outfit in second

slowclap for square everyone


ok so after the ferguson tag reset im just. i dont want to be on a site that protects racists but at the same time im using this blog as a main way to circulate artwork, which leaves me in a pickle.

I’ll probably be gone for a while. I’m more active on twitter anyway.

i firmly believe in avpol tho like polnareff feels so awful about losing him every single time he cared so deeply for this guy and abdul’s so super duper tolerant of him he’s bonded with this goofy frenchman 

Please don’t overlook Big Hero 6. While it’s not the original all-Japanese cast that the comics had, there’s sibling relationships written with the finesse of those in Lilo & Stitch, beautifully honest depictions of mourning death, villains that honestly believe they have noble intentions, and an overarching stressing of nonviolence all through the plot.

even if the race issues get a little touchy the hero team is 4/6 POC, with one robot and one white guy being the other 1/3 of that arrangement. It’s trying, which is more than could be said for Frozen.