Full Confession:

I remember when I was dating Sanjay and celebrated his birthday with him, after dinner he said, ‘I’m so happy, I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight.’

That moment definitely made my personal list of most adorable HM dialogue I’ve ever read. I could really picture Sanjay laying in bed, staring off into space with a little smile on his face.

It was also an event where I was left speechless in surprise. I didn’t expect him to kiss your character soon after! I thought it was all very memorable and wonderfully sweet.

Gilbert is the second BACHELOR we’re revealing for Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley.  A travelling bard, Gilbert has a unique speech pattern among the residents this time – this eligible gentleman speaks in rhyme! 

“I am called Gilbert, my friend. Farewell until we meet again.”

Gilbert’s knowledge is deep and wide; his knowledge of history and lore will be an asset by your side.  Humble and gentle to a fault, yet Gilbert’s heart is locked inside the tightest of vaults.  He’ll teach you the art of fishing when he arrives; it’s a necessary skill for long winters you must survive! His knowledge of the Harvest Goddess is important to your task, and his wit is as sharp as your favorite axe.

“I’ve been seeking somewhere to plant seeds, the perfect spot for their growing needs.”

Gilbert is a wanderer at heart, traveling from place to place. However, it seems there is a specific reason he has come to visit the Lost Valley. Do you have what it takes to get Gilbert to open up to you about why he really came here, and also convince him to plant his roots firmly in the Lost Valley?  Gilbert is a marriage candidate.

Full Confession:

I love how sweet Gustafa is to your child when you’re married in AnWL. I love how when you show him your animals, he greets them and talks to them. I also love how he still plays his guitar, sitting right by a tree in front of the farm house.

And during times when your child protests about going to sleep at night, Gustafa tells them, ‘But you’re missing out on all those great dreams.’ And your child agrees to go to bed right after, without needing to be scolded. Gustafa is just gentle, patient, and loving.

Being married to Gustafa in AnWL made my farm days much more fun and relaxing, and it increased my love and respect for his character more than I could ever imagine.

shoeboxtony said:

alright I'm a single guy that follows exactly zero food blogs... until now. those scallops that popped up on my dash had me coming over here hungry! I won't be reblogging food recipes but I'll certainly be cooking (or trying to at least) some of these.

Girls (or guys? I don’t judge:)), we have a single guy that’s about to cook (maybe even scallops).


We know some fans have expressed some concerns regarding the rhyming of Gilbert, but rest assured while we maintained it whenever possible, some of the rhymes aren’t /quite/ rhymes — we love the idea but weren’t going to strictly enforce it in situations it didn’t make sense to.  So on occasion you may find Gilbert playing a little loose and fast with his rhymes! ;)