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gender: my modern au levi is a trans guy, living as male. he’s pre hormones, pre surgery, but having therapy mainly at erwin’s insistence. on one lunch break shortly after levi came out to him erwin dug through the nhs website for information, consulted his own doctor on levi’s behalf and sacrificed his lunch for a few months to pay for him to see a private psychiatrist. (levi just would not go to see his gp, who’s known him since he was tiny.) he’s quite femme but is very adamant with his pronouns and chosen name. only erwin, farlan and isabel know his birth name. he’s sworn to kill them if they ever tell.

sexual orientation: pansexual. after personality it is important to him how a person looks, but their gender is an absolute non-issue. before he met erwin he would sometimes mess around with petra (trans girl) and while he was sexually attracted to her it was solely for the sake of satisfying both their needs, with neither of them having any intention of it progressing further. he’s currently with erwin (cis male) and fairly happy, given the circumstances.

romantic orientation: demiromantic. levi opens up very slowly to others, and while he now trusts erwin fully he definitely didn’t for the first few years they knew each other. it was only once they had established that mutual trust in their friendship, and only after erwin confessed first, that levi began to feel any romantic attraction to him at all. even then it took him a few months, a lot of heartache, and seemingly endless patience on erwin’s part.

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how can anyone surpass them? a power and powerful couple. the size kink. trust and respect. it hits every mark on the ultimate otp list.

really, though.  even minute things like word choice, body language, fighting techniques, etc make them so balanced and complementary.  not to mention erwin going 100% husband mode with expensive gifts and special ranks.  yaoi science has gone too far.

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i wish scientists would start working on android transition surgeries because i need that.

seriously like it’s 2014 why can’t i just upload my horrid terrestrial consciousness into a new vessel why aren’t we there yet

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all this levicest has me thinking of them doing naughty things while erwin watches with a glass of scotch. doesn't engage them or anything, just sits back and makes comments, takes a sip when one of them gives him a narrow-eyed look or tells him to shove off.

{{Dear god I really want this…If you got the chance and if you felt like it would you pretty please consider this a request for that to be written? 

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hi! i heard that anons were being butts to you and just wanted to thank you for all you do. i'm not a diehard petruo shipper but a good friend of mine is and they get so much joy out of what you do and that in return makes me feel wonderful as well. so, thank you!

this is such a lovely thing to say! thank you so much <3 i’m glad your friend enjoys my stories, and you do by proxy? hehe. thank you again :)

baccuroth said: i would love it if we could all get together with some snacks in a snuggle pile and just watch levi and erwin swing from angst to smut to domestic hilarity.

we can build a blanket fort!!! now that’s my idea of a good party.