Alright, let me tell you about the SATs. Because way too many people are flipping out about it, including myself.

At BSGE, we’re taught to think critically, and analytically. We’re taught to see more than just what’s there.

Now, I know people are going crazy because of their scores. How do people from t he top school in NY get low scores? This in return makes us feel stupid, and retarded.Well, we shouldn’t.

I know some people are thinking: What the hell? I’m not gonna get into a good college. My SATs are so low that no college will accept me.

We need to stop and realize that the SATs don’t matter. They do not matter at all.

Yeah, this morning when I saw my score I was pissed. I could’ve done way better. I even let it ruin my day a little. But then I went into fight mode. Getting tight about it, and calling myself stupid won’t change my score. All I can do at this point is kick ass at the next text in the Fall.

You can’t blame yourself. Just like I shouldn’t blame myself. The SATs were designed to trick you. They weren’t designed to measure how smart you are, or even how much you know (to a certain extent). They were designed to see how well you can avoid traps. So don’t beat yourself up. Like I told Eleni, “You gotta be like: Screw you, SATs. Not: Screw you, life.”

I proceeded to say that anyone thinking that they’re retarded will continue to feel crappy until they get into the “screw you society” mode.

Bottom line. We’re all getting mad at the wrong people here. Don’t get mad at yourself for not being able to play the DOE’s game. Get mad at the DOE because they’re taking education as a game to begin with. Get mad at the DOE because they’re trying to compare everyone based on a test, when people don’t think the same way to begin with. Get mad at the DOE because their games are unfair.

There are two things you could do. Well three, if you include just sitting there and pouting. The other two being: Understanding that its not your fault, and that you’re not stupid, and then letting your anger go. Or, understanding that its not your fault, you’re not stupid, but channeling your anger to the DOE. They wanna play games with us? We can play it right back. If the DOE wants you to jump through hoops, show them how high you can go. Don’t let them constrict your mind. Especially people from BSGE. Our teachers are trying to show us how to unlock our minds, which is why “standardized testing” can’t measure us.

I’d end this post with something corny, and tell you guys that you’re all beautiful in your own way. But, I’m really only saying this cuz it hurts to see my BSGE brothers and sisters beat them up over something that isn’t even fair. Compared to kids from other schools, we’re fine. We’re surviving college classes. What good is the SAT to IB students? We’ve been doing these crazy curriculums, balancing homework, and essays and projects. We never needed SATs to do that. Honestly, don’t even stress. BLACKOUT tomorrow, for all those who are going to the dance.

Stay up, people &♥;

sherlock-is-gay-post said:

So I had gone to your discover page to learn a bit about you [such a lovely blog, by the way] and I was surprised to see that you're also an IB student. I'm just a naive "first-year" in the programme, so it was quite reassuring to stumble across you. Do you have any advice to give? Is there anything that you would have done differently?

yes yes yes yes okay HELLO

So first thing first, I am SUCH an advocate for the IB program.  I graduated with my diploma in June, and it was the biggest accomplishment of my life, to date. 

Now, I do recognize that the program has flaws and to be honest, there were so many times when I literally just sat on my floor and cried at 4am because it was all too much but by taking it one step at a time, I got through it. 

Here’s some things you should know under the cut (because holy frick this got long)

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