Don’t you wish to see Bangtan win number one? To see them with their hands folded tightly as they all closed their eyes and mumble to hear them announce that they have won number one. To see their eyes widen and heart drop when they heard their name and a “congratulations” along with it. To see tears falling and their mouths wide open because words cannot describe how they truly feel. And when they are given the mic to say a few words, “thank you,” is the only thing said. Such two simple words, but it means so much more. It means so much to them and it means so much to us. They worked hard on this album and worked hard in general. To just see them win number one on any music show and cry tears of joy that they have finally made it is what everyone is asking for. Just imagine them smiling through tears and saying, “thank you” over and over again to every single person that has supported them. Because Bangtan would not be able to have achieve this amount of happiness without our support.


Tomorrow is Star Wars day (May the 4th be with you!)

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