Mommy loves you very much but it is 8:37 pm and way past your bedtime. You are in jammies. Had lotion on and now with a bottle of milk in your crib. It is bedtime. Mommy is going to relax and go to bed since work in am at hella ass early.

Mommy loves you. Now please sleep. I know you are tired.



Vegan peanut butter cookies. They are amazing. Can’t tell the difference on the cookie. Next time tho I will make them the right way and see how those taste compared to these. They are a hit with baby girl so I know I did good. Also, this is a cookie dough you can eat raw. No eggs in it. #peanutbutter cookie #vegan #skippypeanutbutter #babypiglet #yum #yummy #caneatthedough #mmmmm

I just made a rough list of all the words my daughter knows and geez child…you know a lot. 

I should make a full list on here to actually show and THINK of how much she knows…

I think I need to make that letter, number, alphabet chart I keep seeing and rebloging but spell out her name and our family names. 

Getting ideas. :)


My living room WAS clean and then we had to clean her toy box. We did that and moved her toys to her room that SHE brought out. We found broken toys and she helped me throw those away. 

Then we cleaned her room and brought her castle she got last Christmas, she dumped the ball bag and then decided to put them back in it. It was turned into a game and she sang a “clean up” song. :)

She is a smart almost two year old.

Cleaned my house to the point that I can with a toddler.

Had to call Bank of America for a problem. Should of figured not open Sunday so have to call again tomorrow.

Child is now watching Hunchback of Norte Dame, she has her juice in her new cup since mommy using hers and she has apples.

Need to make dinner soon. Homemade Mac and cheese with green beans for her.