BabyNoob is embracing his Apple heritage. I couldn’t resist myself, I had to snap this shot of him snuggled with my MacBook Pro. The nature of my geekness combined with my line of work (Graphic Designer or otherwise known on my business card; Design Ninja) I have been a die hard mac user for nearly a decade. Therefore, this is one of those things that I will force my child to love, even at a early age. Ha. 


Here are BabyNoob’s first words, even if it is a stretch! Don’t mind my ridiculous baby voice while talking, I’m a dad that completely disregards my manly tone for childhood conversation. Or maybe this is how I always sound… Hmmm

What up Followers!


In the last day, I have noticed a bunch of new followers. I have to thank PunkDad for his rad shout out towards me yesterday, because I am sure it wasn’t mere coincidence. I appreciate all of you fans from the depths of the noob heart. So, since some of you have only been apart of my journey of fajahood for a short time, I thought that I would introduce myself. 

I am thirty years old, and work as a Creative Director at a Web Firm near the majestic Rocky Mountains, I’ve been married for six years to MommyNoob who I commonly refer to as my Blondeshell. And as of tonight I have been a father for three weeks! My son who I call BabyNoob is one rad dude that I love so so so much. 

Also, I want to introduce you to You can visit my my vault of posts here. Most are random, some are hilarious, and a few are deeply personal. Enjoy.

So, here is why DaddyNoob exists. I think three reasons sum it all up;

  1. I wanted to remember all these first time moments of fajahood for years to come.
  2. I figured this blog would help me engage and prepare myself for fajahood.
  3. I think noobs are funny, and what better way to enter fajahood than with some good laughs.

For all of you who are recent visitors to DaddyNoob, here are a few of my favorite posts;

And thanks for reading my blog either for the first time tonight, or since the launch three months back.



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Thirty won...


Here is a serious post in reflection of my recent birthday.

A year ago yesterday I celebrated my thirtieth birthday with a load of feelings surmounted upon entering this next decade of my life. For some people turning thirty is no big deal, for others it is daunting. I definitely steered towards the daunting side. Ha.

I was anxious and to be honest, somewhat sad beginning my thirties. At first, I thought it was the usual reminder of getting older that was bothering me. Then, as my birthday approached, I began to think maybe I was mourning my completion of the semi-responsible twenties. Days before I hit the three zero, it seemed an internal switch had flipped and I began embracing this new season with arms wide partially open. Don’t misunderstand me, I wasn’t sulking for months about the inevitable aging that put me into deep depression. It was more of a personal tension. A tension that I could never really put my finger on, until recently. 

I never had incredibly large dreams before I entered my twenties. Nothing outside of the; go to college, get married, own a house kind of dreams. But, without boring you to death, I achieved almost all my dreams before I was 25 years old. I quickly realized that I needed bigger goals. Dreams beyond me and my life. Dreams that motivated my life. One of those dreams was to be a father before I was thirty. I thought nothing of that desire years earlier, as I easily thought that would happen. Well, I never did get to hold my child before the clock dinged. We had tried for years to have a kid with no such luck, until last summer we miraculously conceived a child. Unfortunately, we lost our child nine weeks in due to miscarriage. It was utter heartbreak and extremely hard for us. You can read more about that journey here. Anyway, three months later after the miscarriage, I was entering my thirties childless. Looking back, I realize that this was probably the biggest reason I was so disappointed moving into thirtyhood. 

Now, a year later. Hindsight is truly 20/20. This last year I have MUCH to be thankful for, as I am extremely blessed. I may have entered my thirties with doubts, but only a couple months in, those doubts were exchanged with hope. Here are some of those things I am thankful for;

  • I remember waking up to my wife “scrispering”  the joy of the pregnancy test (You can read all about it here, it was my first blog post). 
  • Or, the excitement of telling our families and friends we are going to be parents. 
  • To the spur of the moment decision to start this blog called; DaddyNoob while at work one day. 
  • I can’t forget the amazing opportunity to hear the heartbeat of BabyNoob for the very first time. 
  • It was incredible seeing MommyNoob’s joy explode throughout her pregnancy. 
  • But, I would have NEVER imagined how amazing it was to meet my son for the very first time only seconds after he was born. 
  • To now, eight weeks into fajahood, and all of the experiences I have already had with BabyNoob

I am overwhelmed with how precious this last year has been to me. I live with a heart that is full, not anxious or afraid of the future, but rather curious and excited for the next chapters to be wrote and lived. 

Yes, I am thirty one now, but I would rather say; I’m thirty won. This has been a year on epic wins, that I thank the Lord for. 


This could be BabyNoob’s last night in the NICU. He has made some crazy huge improvements today like; gained some weight, became a ninja feeder, controlled his breathing like Ryan Lochte, and definitely won the cutest baby ever dot com award.

Also, it’s important to note that the bloodwork test that put him in the NICU came back good today. Booyaka!

You can see his shaved head from where the IV was last night. I said to MommyNoob that we should give me an epic mohawk, but she wasn’t as down with that as I am. Seriously, he would be so rad with a bohawk, “Baby Mohawk”

We are anxiously awaiting the report of his final tests tomorrow. If it is all good, we will be taking some pics of him at home this time tomorrow.

Fingers crossed…

BabyNoob is staring down his Aunt Dani, and probably wondering why she is taking so many pictures of him. That’s what happens when our friend is a cray cray awesome photographer. Bonus for rad baby photos, combined with lots of stares from BabyNoob. 


BabyNoob is stuck on repeat with these coo’s as he soothes himself from the beginning stages of teething. Epic cuteness right here.

It has been almost a week since I have been on here. You can thank that to my stupid dirty cold and sore throat. Barf! But here you go DaddyNoob fans… 

Dnoob’s Top Three… go here to read my last top three

Here is my new top three things I wasn’t expecting a month into Fajahood;

1. To miss my son everyday I was at work.

  • It’s true. By the end of my typical eight hour work day. I couldn’t wait the five minute commute home to cuddle with BabyNoob. An important lesson learnt being a new father is to come home excited to see your wife as much as you are to see your son. Luckily, I managed to think about that before I was reminded by MommyNoob. Phew! The craziest thing about being a new dad, was how much BabyNoob was morphing before my eyes. Honestly, everyday he would look different. Cray Cray.

2. To have him sleep better than me.

  • For reals, he is a sleeping samurai. BabyNoob was owning at his night time routine. Until he entered this world, I was positive that no one could have a better sleep than me. See, I can fall asleep within five minutes anywhere. This is a challenge I have destroyed at before. But, BabyNoob pretty much was sleeping all the time, with his arms a limp as could be. He even slept through my whole family (eight adults and four kids) visiting and playing iPad pictionary in a decibel unknown to most families. 

3. To be sad the first month was over.

  • It hit me a couple weeks back, I was upstairs changing his diaper when a yelled downstairs to MommyNoob; “His first month is already gone by!” To be honest, I was seriously sad at the thought that I will never have the first month with my child again. But, I quickly forgot about it by the time I got downstairs. Ha.

There you have it…

Life as the DaddyNoob continues…


Yesterday was Thanksgiving Monday for us Canadians and this year we have the addition of our son to be thankful for. Therefore, I am calling Thanksgiving; “Thanksliving” this time around.

The list of things to be thankful for are endless, such as; my faith, my wife (after labour she’s my hero), son, family, health, job, house, country, etc. Those are the obvious top 8 of my thankful list, but what about the not so obvious things I am thankful for. Here is my top three things I am thankful for now that my son is born.


Here is my new top three for this week;

1. My bedroom is not a meat locker for temperature.

When you sleep in the same room as a pregnant woman, you might as well be sleeping naked in a North Face tent on Mt Everest. My wife was like a nuclear reactor of internal heat. She had our portable AC unit on max setting blasting aircon directly onto the bed with the combination of another stand up fan creating a cross current blizzard in our room. By the third trimester I was sleeping with socks and at least two blankets. I was legitimately concerned I would catch a cold while dreaming. So, yes I am very thankful to be under same covers and normal room temperature.

2. People stop telling me to get; “rest.”

Wow! I get it! Rest is a rare commodity of noob parents. I went to bed a 10:00 last night, after a week of exhaustion. That being said, I’m stoked that no one will tell me at least once a day to get rest before the baby comes. I always found it humorous how most parents advice would consist of; rest up. The last time I checked you can’t bank an extra hour of rest for nine months and use it when the baby’s born, as if its equivalent to overtime from work. It just doesn’t work that way. Maybe it would have been better advice to for me to set an alarm every two hours during the night to startle me from my REM sleep. Possibly conditioning my body for the zombie diaper change at 4AM. I dunno, just and idea. Ha.

3. That my son is as silent as a Ninja. 

Today we enter into double digits of parenting days; 10. And I have to admit, we have an rockstar for a son. BabyNoob is so chill and calm. He whimpers a bit but rarely ever cries. He seems to squawk a bit more when I change/clean him, but I guess that’s fair enough. Even a ninja would cry if his genitals were cleaned with deathly cold wipes. 

So, there you have it, I am one über thankful DaddyNoob. I sit here holding my BabyNoob, thinking that there isn’t enough space on Tumblr servers to hold all of my thanks.

Thanks, DaddyNoob

Baby Guy Guy...


Sixty seven hours into being a faja and what a journey already. As you can tell in the pictures above, he has an IV in his head. Let me explain…

About 24 hours into BabyNoob’s (Ethan) life he started breathing at a faster rate than normal. Nothing extremely alarming, but definitely worthy of a close eye by the doctors. In addition to the breathing, he was very uncoordinated with his feeding and we had to supplement right away. The doctors decided to keep MommyNoob and BabyNoob in the hospital another day for extra monitoring. After little progress with his breathing patterns, the doctor sent for an second opinion from the Paediatrician from the NICU. They made the call to get an X-Ray and two sets of bloodwork to rule out any hidden complications. 

Within in a couple hours the results came back for all three; x-ray was good, first set of bloodwork was good, and second set was not so good. The last set of bloodwork was substantially higher than what is acceptable. Within a few minutes they were transferring our baby to the Intensive Care Unit to do more thorough examination. It came as a shock to us, because he seemed so healthy and strong. We followed the entourage into the curtained off room to see his little body be hooked up to machines like he was a scene from the Matrix. We were told that he would be a couple days here to assess and determine if there is any infection or what was happening. It was scary. We went back to MommyNoob’s room with a deep sense of worry. We cried, prayed and called our family with the little bit of news we had. It was soon feeding time again, so we walked back over to him and had the most successful feed of all time. It was exactly what we needed. Also, we appreciated our nurse as she was extremely caring and encouraging to us, reassuring us that this does not seem serious, but rather precautionary. 

This morning we met with the doctor and she explained that he is perfectly healthy for everything except this one test, and is waiting for one more test to come back to help rule out any potential forming infections. The doctor thinks that he could be released tomorrow, but they wanted to make sure he was 100% before they let him go home. What an amazing team of professionals at this hospital that have a overt passion and love for their patients. 

A huge weight was lifted off our shoulders, hearing that he could be coming home tomorrow. MommyNoob was discharged this morning, allowing for us to come home, shower, eat and nap. We will go back later to feed and cuddle him as much as we can. We may be parent noobs, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. From the moment I held him, a new part of my heart was opened up. It has only been a couple hours since I saw him and I already miss his soft skin and little fingers. It was a little hard to see him with an IV in his head, as they had to shave a little piece of his hair off, but the nurse kept it and put a note with it saying; "Ethan’s first haircut!"

Now, if that does make you wanna tear up, I don’t know what will… 

There you have it. That’s the scope on my little mini me. His is doing good, and we are hoping for a positive report so that we can bring him home. Thanks for all the support and love. 


By 2:45am we received the Doc report that BabyNoob is okay, just a minor cold that will go away over the next couple days. A case where it is more painful for us the parents than it is for him. Good news for sure, but by the time I got home and in bed. It’s 3:55am! Ouch!

Was just on my Google Analytics for kicks and giggles, when I noticed 38 other people were on my site at the sametime. Lucky. I know it may not seem like much, but to me… I think it is pretty much viral. Ha.

Thanks for all the support DaddyNoob supporters… I am amazed!