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yall should be nicer 2 each other. its neopets!!! were supposed to be having fun!!!! its just a cute pet site!!! please!!! unless its something like really awful that someones doing like being horrible to people or scamming people or something, just let things slide. if someone annoys you 4 petty reasons just avoid em! dont get too bitter about virtual pets. come on. go look at some cute techos

babylizard replied to your post: if anybody is willing to team up …

the what??

both players need to be time travelling in order to pull it off 

one player time travels to look for a day where nook’s kid is buying turnips at a high price (500+) and the other finds joan selling them at a low price (~90). you both buy turnips from one person’s town, then hop on over to the other person’s town and sell them for gargantuan profit. like, millions and millions of bells