Happy News!

Pregnant – showed the test. So did the second one. My husband was sitting across from me in our Brickell apartment playing our wedding song… I know funny and cute!

We were trying for about 3 month and I was getting anxious. I cut down on drinking and going out ahead of time, not the easiest thing to do when you live in a party capital of the US. We always had a social lifestyle and travelled a lot, so did our friends. So when I went to one glass of wine through the night everyone got suspicious. We started trying in May and by my birthday in August I was getting concerned and a little stressed. In fact I was quite sad when I got my period third month in a row after taking vitamins, eating extremely healthy, doing ballet workouts and barely going out. At that time I just let lose, since I felt like if me doing the right things doesn’t help why constrain myself…

And alas as we got back from our family vacation in Alaska in September I missed my period and here I was sitting across from my husband listening to Russian Waltz and realizing that our biggest dream is about to come true.

The moral here is not that you need to let lose to get pregnant. It is that the things happen when they suppose to and it can take almost up to 6 month for a healthy young couple to conceive. And even if it is hard, just get out of your head, you are doing the right things, don’t let time bring you down during this exciting period.

And welcome to my baby joy page of life!


My angel has a cold but she still manages to smile #babygirl #babyjoy #tenmonths #momlife #mumblr #hermosa #princesa

Tummy-time - baby girl is not a fan! I tell her it will help her be a strong girl so she will be able to get her brother back (he put his truck on her head/face today)! It’s not working, she cries or rolls over when I put her on her belly.


Tonight, she pulled the musical turtle all by herself. #BigGirl #BabyJoy