A few examples of the meals I make for Elijah. We have been doing a combination of both Baby Led feeding and Puree Led feeding. It is going really well so far, Elijah is doing well with both methods. It is so easy to make your own meals instead of using the preservative packed jars. These I just made with what I had in the house already, it’s that easy. Keep posted for more Puree ideas… (Please excuse the fact that Potato, is spelt with an E at the end, the app I used for the photo kept changing it. I have no idea why?!) 💜

#BeechNutNutrition has announced a voluntary #recall of more than 1,900 pounds of #baby food products, after a consumer reported finding a small shard of glass inside one of the jars.

The alarming recall was announced on the website of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Tuesday.

The recall involves 4-ounce glass jars containing “Stage 2 Beech-Nut CLASSICS sweet potato & chicken,” which were produced on December 12, 2014.

These recalled jars of baby food, which include product numbers “12395750815” through “12395750821,” should show an expiration date of December 2016.

While #BeechNut has already admitted that these products were shipped to retail stores nationwide, they say that no other flavors have been affected in the recall.

According to the USDA, in addition to the glass report, the company also received one complaint of a person who sustained a mouth injury—but no further details have been released.

Beech-Nut urges all consumers of the recalled #babyfood to return their products to the store they bought them from immediately for a full refund.

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Grace is such a passive eater… She will eat/try just about anything if I hold it while she takes a bite… But she has zero interest in feeding herself. Even something highly preferred, if I put it in her hand, she will drop it and whine until I pick it up and offer it to her. I have been trying to encourage her to play with her food more, in hopes that she might start feeding herself. It’s only happened a handful of times though. I’m not really sure how else to encourage her to be more independent about eating… But for now, this is my strategy. Any ideas? :)