Blaine's hair

This info was requested by babycolferhoney. :)

Sorry about the crappy photo but when I’m in the edit mode the game doesn’t allow screencap. D: Judging from the little orangey sims icon, the hairstyle I use for Blaine came with the Generations EP. 

Tbh I think this hairstyle is more Sebastian than Blaine, but I have tried the gel helmet look on him before (got it from the official Sims Store) and frankly it was awful.

mistrcellophane replied to your photo: But what could I possibly be doing right now? =D


 babycolferhoney replied to your photoBut what could I possibly be doing right now? =D

What is this wonderful thing you are playing?!?!

It’s called Ultrastar, and it’s kinda like Sing Star but on your computer! 

You have to download the programme and then you can download the songs you want. Here’s the Glee pack.