one year ago today, i moved from new jersey (where i was born) to brooklyn. on that day, i learned that desiree would always protect me, i met my friend s.o. and he put me in his jacket, i ate my very first carrot, and did my first circle bun with my friend mina!

Robin & Charlie brother & sister bookends literally. Their markings are almost identical. First playdate in 6 weeks since Robin got fixed.#babybunnies #bunnies #bunnystagram #bunniesworldwide #rabbits #rabbitstagram #rabbitsworldwide #lapin #nature #animals #adorable #sweet #socute #photography #iphone5

A friend reminded me that I haven’t drawn Pitch yet, so I did! I wanted him to hold his arm up but I couldn’t find a good reason so I popped baby Pooka Bunny in there too. He’s so adorable but Pitch what are you doing be nice to the baby can’t you see how fluffy and cute he is??? D: