It's Mr. Ps Birthday!! ♡

Hey guys! So, daddy’s turning 19 today! He’s an old man hehe (I like to tease him.) Itd mean a lot if you all wished him a HUGE happy birthday!!

~ Baby C ~

I call him babyboy and he calls me daddy. I embarrass him in front of his friends and he brings me soaking wet toys into my bed.
I love him. 😊

someone help me!!!!! i did it once again i am  a disgrace i am so mad @ myself i crave him i wanna have him spit on me and cgoke me lightly, i want us to go smoke some joints jus the 2 of us and ill call u babyboy and ill be your honey and well be singing and talking abt important stuff if only i werent so extremely insecure abt what i say around u i would say a lot of smart stuff and u would surrender and i wouldnt doubt your admiration of me i HATE being in love with an idea i hate being infatuated by something new and mysterious how could i possibly know who you are even though we had sex that 1 time i know nothing else than my infatuation of you and ur pretty fucking face i wanna kiss u fuck u

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