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Birth Story: Debuting Aaron Ihmig 

4th March 2015

Aaron’s due date was on the 1st of March, the Doctor said if by then the baby hasn’t arrived, he will induce the labour the next week. By the next day I was having little niggles of contractions, nothing severe enough for cause of concern. We arrived at the hospital and they put me on the CTG, baby’s heart rate was fine and my contractions came and went as they pleased. My cervix was examined (and mannnnn was that painful), After the cervical exam I started bleeding and we waited for the Doctor to do the exam again. He said it was just the bloody show and the cervix had softened but the conditions were not ideal yet for an induction, hence come back on the 4th and we will see.

The 4th arrived miraculously from the long wait it seems. We were admitted into hospital and after some monitoring I had consistent contractions but we went ahead with the induction at 11:00 with Propess. I don’t know what it was like for other moms but I was in so much pain when they inserted the propess I broke out in tears.

At around 12:00 I started having unmanageable contractions that lasted a minute every 4 minutes. They gave me two injections to relieve the pain but that did nothing to slow down the pain 9absolutely nothing).

They eventually put me in the bath when I was 3cm dilated, and when I got out the bath I was 7cm. And my-oh-my were the nurses surprised at how fast I was opening. And then the screaming  started. They called the doctor from his practice to come deliver. Everything was such a haze by then. I just screamed and screamed. They asked me NOT to scream, NOT to PUSH and I wanted to punch the nurse who said that. How could I possibly NOT PUSH when the urge was there. I pushed anyways. The doctor nearly didn’t arrive in time for delivery, he was stuck in traffic because the president was passing through and the roads were blocked. The nurse broke my water in the meantime, everything hurt.

My mom was stressed, my husband was stressed, the doctor was stressed, the nurses were stressed and I never knew I had it in me to scream so loud, so long, so painfully.

When the doctor finally arrived, everyone breathed a sigh of relief and then began the real pushing. One push: Aaron’s head came out. Two pushes, Three pushes, Four pushes, Five pushes: shoulders wouldn’t come through. That’s when I had an episiotomy, I didn’t even feel anything when they cut me. When Aaron finally came all the way through, they put him on my chest, I shed tears, not of relief, not of joy, just tears.

Looking back, all I can say is that labour pain for me was the type of pain that turned my world upside down, you lose track of time, all I can think of is getting through the next contraction. I’m not sure whether it gets any easier, or perhaps the propess made everything excruciatingly painful, but if this is how labour is for every women, I am so proud of all the mama’s out there. You all did a wonderful and courageous job bringing your little ones into this world.