If you are reading this, then I’m sure you know Elizabeth and Daniel.

In the time that I have known them they have both gone through a lot, both separately and together. They are both amazing people with big hearts and complicated lives who work hard to be good parents and good partners. 

And now they get to be good partners to each other and good parents together

In celebration of this awesome internet arrival, and in conjunction with Elizabeth’s family in friends in Kansas, who are having a shower for Elizabeth on January 8th, I’d like to invite you to join me in being part of an “internet” baby shower!

Elizabeth and Daniel have chosen to go to a local midwife for care. A ChipIn has been set up to help offset the cost of that care.

If you have been following along with Elizabeth and Daniel and were wondering how you could show them your love and support, please consider helping them with a donation toward the gift of great medical care!

Please feel free to reblog as much as you would like!

Naked As We Came
  • Naked As We Came
  • Iron and Wine
  • Our Endless Numbered Days

Songs For Babybite

I have several songs swirling in my head the past few days and this leads the pack but to be honest it’s more for Dan and Elizabeth. They had posted pictures of each others face as they were laying in bed once. I remember it vividly because of the two things. 1. it was a tough time in their relationship. 2. they were beautiful, honest pictures of two people that love each other. Problem with that is other shit got between their love.

Here’s the thing about love. It’s like water. Water will find a way. It will beat against rocks for years in an attempt to get around it until the rock begins to crack and round and the water begins to trickle through and around it till the rock is nothing but a pebble being tossed by it’s waves. Water will find an imperfection in your expensive roof or best laid plans and start it’s campaign. It is completely harmless yet the most powerful force on this earth. Water will find a way.

Love found a way.

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Lolli used to bite me like that every night too. And now my fatty will entertain me me with the same treatment. That really sooth me a lot. And fatty is super sleepy!! Self entertaining while me pretend sleeping. #babyjezz #beautifulbaby #6months #instababy #cutestbaby #babybite

Change Of Venue

Team Babybite decided to pack up and move west to a VBAC friendly hospital. So homebirth is now a hospital birth but hopefully still a “natural” birth. For the record, I’ve never seen anyone try for something so painful and so difficult in my entire life. In the end it’s the baby that decides and he wanted to come here; I think in part due to the proximity of a Kolache Factory.

Elizabeth's Superpower

Elizabeth has been having frequent and intense contractions since Tuesday afternoon. She sleeps in 5-10 minute intervals between them when she decides to rest. Right now she’s in the kitchen asking me if I need anything. Superman is a punk bitch compared to her.

I *was* in a tub

And now I’m out. After we made all the necessary calls to clear the rest of the day, Brenda checked Elizabeth’s cervix. Still at 4 cm so we’re still calling it early labor. He’s dropped quite a bit more so everything is moving along naturally and normally. Some more nourishment and rest is the order for the day. To be continued…


Half asleep, my hands expertly guided across her taut smooth contours. Glide and pause. Glide and pause. Glide and pause and a startling response rolling across my palm in the opposite direction. It moved and I could feel him. I’ve heard him. I’ve seen shadowy images of him. Tonight I felt him and he felt me and she was there between us, with us. We gasped looking straight up from our hands to our eyes. Me, so excited to have tangible contact. She, so excited to bring that contact to me.