Notre-Dame de Paris Masterpost

As I promised Bee, here’s a list of where you can find the four versions of Notre-Dame de Paris that Sinna and I have run into. There are other productions that have been done, but we haven’t run into bootlegs of them. If that happens, I’ll update the masterpost

Gringoire: Bruno Pelletier
Frollo: Daniel Lavoie
Quasimodo: Garou
Fleur-de-Lys: Julie Zenatti
Clopin: Patrick Fiori
Esmeralda: Helene Segara

I really, really love this version. Bruno Pelletier is amazing. There are subtitles, though you might have to turn them on with the little box on the control line that says CC. You can also read along with the French lyrics, if that’s what floats your boat.

Esmeralda: Lola Ponce
Clopin: Marco Guerzoni
Gringoire: Matteo Setti
Quasimodo: Gio di Tonno
Phoebus: Graziano Galatone
Frollo: Vittorio Matteucci
Fleur-de-Lys: Claudia D’Ottavi

Warning for some serious face paint and the fact that Lola Ponce is a singer, not an actress, so give her some slack. The video’s quality is excellent, but there are no subtitles.

Gringoire: Vladimir Dybsky
Quasimodo: Vyacheslav Petkun
Frollo: Alexander Marakulin
Esmeralda: Teona Dolnikova
Clopin: Sergey Lee
Phoebus: Anton Makarsky
Fleur-de-Lys: Anastasiya Stotskaya

The quality of this boot is not the greatest and there is a minute or two at the beginning of Act 2 that is really bad. However, the staging is pretty good and I really enjoyed it. No subtitles.

Gringoire: John Partridge
Frollo: Mike Dyer
Quasimodo: Ian Pirie
Fleur-de-Lys: Kate Pinell
Clopin: Andrew Playfoot
Phoebus: Dean Collinson
Esmeralda: Hazel Fernandes

I will be honest and tell you that I hate this production. However, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, so go watch it and form your own! You might find the audio a bit hard to parse, so you can find the lyrics here to read along with the show.

let's see if i can remember all 10 things i wrote
  1. i have buyer’s remorse for about 86% of my purchases. not because I don’t like what I’ve bought (okay, that’s true for 11% of them) but usually because I don’t neeeed it or I could have solved the same problem with something less expensive
  2. i sometimes worry that i’ll never love anything/anyone as much as i love my son. whenever i see him i feel as though my heart is going to explode. even when he’s riding my last nerve i can’t help but smile. to me he is perfect.
  3. for the above reason i fear that i’ll never be content with whom he chooses to spend the rest of his life with. i’m not sure i’ll ever be convinced that someone is “good enough” for him.
  4. i may not clean often but when i do i clean The Shit out of things. i scrub things until they sparkle. my husband is the opposite - he cleans all the time but it’s never anything more than surface and it drives me insane. it’s often a point of contention in our living arrangement.
  5. a girl I’ve been friends with for 18 years,who also played a major role in my surprise baby shower, had been trying to get pregnant for a while and is finally due with her first baby in a few months. when i got her CT baby shower invite in the mail i cried - it’s the same day as Nora’s baptism. it breaks my heart not to be able to be there to celebrate.
  6. I cried about the above and I cry over most things. however most people who know me would never say that about me, I try to keep the tears in when in the company of others. I little something I learned from my mother i’m sure - don’t let people know you have feelings.
  7. even though I’ve lived down here for over a decade I still get completely awkward when a stranger talks to me or compliments me, my initial internal reaction is always “what do they want from me??”  you can take the girl out of New England…
  8. I can’t remember the other things I originally wrote - sure, I could come up with 3 more but I’ve got a toddler and a newborn, I don’t have time for that.
  9. also, that’s my new tagline.
Of Blankets and Brothers, A Gift Fic for Bee

Fandom: Batman

Characters: Tim Drake and Damian Wayne

Summary: It’s just Tim’s luck that he’d be forced to save the Demon Brat only days after the brat’s most recent assassination attempt.

Notes: This was supposed to be a fluffy fic for Bee, but in canon it’s rather difficult to get Damian and Tim to be fluffy together. Hopefully I was at least partially successful.

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Dear Robin,

Verse: 18th Birthday/100 follower prompts

Rating: PG

Characters/Pairings: Jaytim, Dick Grayson, Bruce Wayne, Alfred Pennyworth

Warnings: Bullying 

A/N: For Bee who prompted: JayTim; You gave them nothing but the best, and you can tell them your story but it kinda went off topic, so I may write another one, depends on my inspiration. This is also really bad

Snippet: Dear Robin,

I met a boy named Jason today. He’s really nice to me. 

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How to Participate in a Play You'll Definitely End Up Ruining (An Autobiography)

babybirdblues asked you:

OHOH PROMPT: Modern day Les Mis AU where they’re in high school or university and are putting on a musical, of Les Mis. Les Misception. O 3O


This is basically an incoherent ramble of what it might be like, idek what it is, but I hope it’s what you wanted, Beeeee.


Pairing: Grantaire/Enjolras

Verse: If Life Were Actually a Musical (And There’s the Sneaking Suspicion it Might Be)

Rating: PG-13

Summary: This performance has been in the making for months and, naturally, Grantaire has to fuck it up.

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Valentine's Day

Title: Valentine’s Day
Fandom: DCU /Batman
Verse: Kindergarten
Pairing: baby!crush DamianTim 
Warning: AUAUAUAUAU. Baby crushes.
Summary: It seems like a foolish, childish holiday, but if it earns him a smile…

Kindergarten AU: First Day | Halloween | Valentine’s Day 

A/N: Damian is almost certainly too mature for his age. I don’t particularly care if he’s too advanced for a six-year-old. He’s a Wayne and an al Ghul. He’s guaranteed to be precocious as hell.

Third (very late) bday pressie for waifu. 

A VERY big thanks to hubby for looking it over! I love you. <3 

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AWIII Entry #2

Thanks so much to Kitty, again! <3 She helped me with ideas and so much more. I wuv yoooou~!! <333


Word Count: 2,314

Title: The Mockingbird Falls

Verse: Mockingbird

Characters/Pairings: Bruce, Dick, Jason, Tim, Alfred, Riddler

Rating: probably a little higher than Jason?

Excerpt: “He’s tired. So tired.”


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babybirdblues replied to your post:Prompt post

Tim hides in random places around the world for Kon to find in a massive game of hide and seek.

"I don’t even know how you got here. And I’m sort of really insulted that you thought it would work.” Kon says, slowing down enough that he doesn’t knock Tim off of his tiny little raft. “How do you even have cell phone reception?”

Tim’s battery is still at eighty-percent, and Kon figures that probably means that he couldn’t have been out here that long.

"I get reception everywhere. Even Ikea." Tim replies, "Three and a half minutes. Not bad." Tim smiles, "I think your times are improving."

"I think that you, boy wonder, should have better things to do than find random as fuck places to wait for me." Kon says, tipping forward to hold his arm out. There isn’t any space for him to land on the little raft. And to be honest, Kon is kind of worried Tim’s going to tip and fall over any second. It’s amazing that the thing hasn’t sunk yet. "How long have you been out here?"

"It puts spice in our relationship." Tim says, reaching up to grasp at Kon’s forearm. Kon winces when he feels how hot Tim’s skin is. He hopes the older boy isn’t burned.

Tim makes it so hard on everyone when he’s sunburned. He hopes it’s only freckling. Tim looks cute with freckles. Then again, Tim could make anything look cute. It’s some sort of Batman-Robin-Gotham magic thing. In the words of Tim Gunn, they make it work. It’d be cool if it wasn’t so terrifying. Bart’s tested it.

Tim can make pink-feathered boas, shiny pants, and platform shoes look intimidating if he wants to.

"I was only out here for a little under an hour." Tim shrugs, "Cass thought it’d be funny."


"I was in Hong Kong. I thought she’d give me a ride home. Well she sort of did. I mean. You’re finishing the job, but. Yeah." Tim shrugs, sliding an arm around Kon’s waist as they lift into the air. "In all seriousness, how many couples can say that they meet up in the middle of the Pacific Ocean? Don’t say Aquaman and Mera."

"I’m going to end up finding you at the bottom of the ocean one day, aren’t I?"

"There are no places off-limits to crime, Kon."

dcufichunt is always a fun time, although it might seem a bit hectic at first, it’s actually really fun. If you didn’t participate this year (too late to sign up now I’m afraid) consider signing up next year! I’m always getting confused/making a nuisance of myself and Bee and Wisia are super helpful/understanding/totally know what they’re doing, so it’s okay if you’re a little shy, they’re super nice and don’t bite if you have questions or if you can’t find answers on the dcufichunt FAQ.

Anywho, to those who are participating this year, have a good time!

Big thanks to Wisia and Bee, and those that help them put it on! :)

babybirdblues said: I’m pretending to be your boyfriend; you look VERY uncomfortable with that person hitting on you at the bar au

It’s not that Kon is like – anti-gay or anything. It’s just that this is sort of his first time at a gay bar and he’s not really here as himself so much as he’s here because they’re investigating a recent outbreak in really, really aggressive drug dealing. And Kon would rather not be the one here. But it’s either him or Bart, and it was collectively agreed that Kon was the type of guy who’d probably attract the drug dealers.

But still. It’s not like Kon’s homophobic. He just – he would rather not be in a gay bar getting hit on by a dude with a really shitty spray on tan and bleached hair.

Kon would really rather be as far from here as possible and he’s gotten his ass groped more times than he can count in the past hour and a half than ever in his life. He’s really hoping that this place is not a representative of what most gay bars are like and is a total outlier. Like that one spider.

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babybirdblues said: three~

Three hours. That’s how long it takes for Tim to get out of surgery. That’s how long it is. It feels like forever.

"It’s going to be okay." Dick says, hand firm on Kon’s shoulder. Kon doesn’t think he ever realized how old Nightwing is. There are lines around his eyes and a sort of weight to his face that Kon doesn’t think he ever noticed before. “He’s in good hands. He was shot in a non-vital spot, you got him here fast enough that there wasn’t much blood loss. It’s just extraction then some monitoring.”

"Yeah." Kon says, and it doesn’t stop him from wanting to crush something between his hands. "Why would someone try to kill him when he’s not – you know." Kon gestures at his face. Dick’s smile – oddly enough – gets brighter.

"Oh. Well. The usual things that come with fame and glory. It’s happened to all of us at least once." Dick lifts up his shirt and points to a fading scar on his hip, "That one was from when I was new to the force and one of the other cops abandoned me to my fate. Didn’t want a rich kid weighing him down. You don’t have to wear a mask to get enemies, SB. You don’t even have to be doing anything especially controversial. Sometimes people just exist."

"That’s so fucking stupid.” Kon says, “I don’t understand people sometimes.”

"That’s okay. If you could understand everyone that’d be worrisome.” Dick laughs. “What’s important is that you understand that there’s something to understand. But in the mean time, take a breath. Calm down. Fly around the city a few times. Clear your head. The last thing Tim wants to hear when he wakes up is that you went crazy in the hospital waiting room.”