39 weeks pregnant!

Baby2, I’m officially ready for you. Gran is here, I have fresh highlights (priorities) and the hospital bag is packed.

We even have names for you. Finally.

So let’s do this.


Week 24- Well I am still growing larger each day haha. The baby has been kicking up a storm and usually around the time I go to bed. This weekend we bought some natural soda so I decided to try some Saturday night and the baby went crazy! I definitely know what I’m having before our 4D ultrasound. I have been feeling okay most days but the nausea always comes back. I went to 6 chiro appointments within 3 weeks to get my pelvis back on track and now I am going every 2 weeks until around 32 weeks when I will start going weekly. At the end of the month is my last monthly appointment with our midwife and then we start going biweekly. We finally found our 2013 Britax Boulevard in store! Now we just have to decide which color to go with.

I feel amazing after having Nathan hide the scale from me. I have continued to eat healthy and we are still keeping up with our long walks and swimming. Addy has become such an amazing big sister already. She loves hugging and kissing my belly and reading the baby stories. She always asks about things she can do with the baby once it is here like holding hands or cuddling. I have been very absent from here as we are pretty busy with work and everything but I am trying to get on as much as I can! Have a good week!


Brayden meeting Baby Cake for the first time 11/13/14

It went really well! He would wave at her then wanted to touch her feet, count her fingers and eyes. He however did not know what to think of me with all the machines and IVs. When he left he said “I love you more, I love you most” about a million times then when my mom asked if he wanted to blow me a kiss he said “kiss mom” and ran from the door to the bed to kiss me.. My heart about bursted! Brayden is my little sweetheart!


Week 13: Look at my belly! I cannot believe how much I am actually showing already. I am already in a whole new wardrobe. My HG is letting up a bit and there are days where I will feel fine for a good half day. Addy is taking more notice to my belly and likes to tickle the baby. I have started feeling dizzy and sometimes my vision goes a bit but I read that it is normal in the second trimester. I am feeling a few flutters every now and then but nothing that tells me it’s for sure the baby. This is also a picture of my new hair color!

Kaylee Marie's birth story!

Tuesday night November 11th I started getting cramps but thought nothing of it. I didn’t get much sleep because I was waking up with each cramp then I’d have to go pee, get comfortable again and try to fall asleep. November 12th We got up at 4am for Levi to go to work and I told him I didn’t sleep good because of the cramps and that I was going to go to my doctors appointment. My mom came down as usual and we just went about out normal routine. I started timing the cramps at 7:47 am thinking they could be contractions.. They were coming 6-7 minutes apart. At 10:47am they started getting stronger and that’s when I could tell they were definitely more than just cramps. I got ready then gave Brayden a bath so he would be ready incase today was the day.. I had my last Doctors appointment at 12pm she checked me and said I was 4 centimeters dilated, 90% effaced and that Kaylee was stationed at a 0. Dr. R said I could go get lunch walk around a bit then go to Labor and delivery or I could wait it out. She also let me know that they would admit at 5 centimeters and she suspected Kaylee was coming today or tomorrow. I decided to go home since I needed to pack, Levi was at work, and I wanted to spend as much time with Brayden as possible. We stopped at the dollar store so I could get Cotton candy Popsicles, blue icee cups, and a toilet scrubber (last minute nesting). Then we went to Mcdonalds and got Brayden a soda (high C) and heading home. My mom cleaned my kitchen while I started packing. At 2pm the contractions started getting more painful and were coming 4 minutes apart. Levi started to head home. We left my house for the hospital at 3:52pm. On the ride to the hospital I was trying to stay distracted but Levi didn’t know what to talk about so I did my makeup. He suggested singing but seriously who wants to sing when you’re having contractions? During the ride to the hospital the back labor started to kick in. We got to Labor and delivery at 4:33pm. They sent me all the way downstairs to fill out discharge papers since I didn’t seem like I was miserable. We got back upstairs and they checked me at 5pm. I was still 4 centimeters and 90% effaced but she stationed at a +1. They were monitoring my contractions and they were in fact coming every 4 minutes but the machine had a hard time timing them since I couldn’t sit still. Dr Y told the RN to have me walk around then check me in a hour to see if there was any change and if not I’d probably go home. At this point I had Levi was pushing hard on my back with each contraction. The RN was thinking by the amount of back pain I was having that Kaylee was positioned her head stuck on my back so the RN had me lay over a bean bag chair with my stomach hanging and my but kinda up in the air, in hopes of Kaylee moving.. After about two contractions in that position the pain went from a 6 to a 8. The RN checked me again at 6:21 and was shocked I was already 6-7 centimeters (no effacement change) so I was staying. Everyone started rushing to get me admitted and have an IV started. I asked for some pain relief but I had to wait for an IV. At 7pm she checked me again and I was 8-9 centimeters and in horrible pain still without a IV. This is when things got crazy.. A lab lady was taking my blood in between contractions, then there was another nurse trying to start an IV on the other arm. I had Valves(?) in my veins so after 2 failed attempts two more nurses came over to help her and after 2 more attempts all 3 of them still couldn’t get the IV in. At this point I was in excruciating pain and hysterically crying because they couldn’t get the IV in so I felt completely helpless. Levi was amazing and holding me the entire time. The Lab lady stepped in and with her help they finally got the IV in. They gave me some medicine through the IV which didn’t provide much pain relief but made me feel super cold and a bit dizzy. The anesthetist showed up and said that because I was already at a 9 he couldn’t do a epidural but he would do a spinal. At 7:25pm Levi held me and in the middle of a contraction I got the spinal which instantly felt amazing! RN had me do a practice push and went and got the Dr! He had her do another practice and they had me stop because she was coming! Dr Y broke my water at 7:37pm and there was meconium. The nurses started rushing around and he explain to me what it meant, how it could effect Kaylee and that they were going to have a respiratory therapist ready. Two respiratory therapists showed up almost immediately. Dr Y checked me at 8:13pm I was 10 centimeters but she was still crooked so he had me laying sideways trying to flip her. Kaylee flipped and we were ready to push! After one push he said that because of being cut with Brayden my scar tissue wasn’t stretching and would tear so I opted to be cut again. With one more push Kaylee Marie was born November 12th at 8:39 pm completely healthy weighing 7 pounds 6 ounces and measuring at 18.5 inches! She’s 100% pure perfection!


We had an awesome ultrasound today! I was measuring almost a week ahead so I know the baby is growing just fine. They went over the results while we were there and they said everything looked normal. Such a relief! The baby kept kicking me so hard and waving but I couldn’t feel anything at all lol. Then the precious little one yawned and rubbed their eye, so beautiful. Addy really enjoyed being there and at one point said there were fish in my tummy. I am definitely overjoyed and relieved that things are on track and the baby is healthy.