39 weeks pregnant!

Baby2, I’m officially ready for you. Gran is here, I have fresh highlights (priorities) and the hospital bag is packed.

We even have names for you. Finally.

So let’s do this.


Week 24- Well I am still growing larger each day haha. The baby has been kicking up a storm and usually around the time I go to bed. This weekend we bought some natural soda so I decided to try some Saturday night and the baby went crazy! I definitely know what I’m having before our 4D ultrasound. I have been feeling okay most days but the nausea always comes back. I went to 6 chiro appointments within 3 weeks to get my pelvis back on track and now I am going every 2 weeks until around 32 weeks when I will start going weekly. At the end of the month is my last monthly appointment with our midwife and then we start going biweekly. We finally found our 2013 Britax Boulevard in store! Now we just have to decide which color to go with.

I feel amazing after having Nathan hide the scale from me. I have continued to eat healthy and we are still keeping up with our long walks and swimming. Addy has become such an amazing big sister already. She loves hugging and kissing my belly and reading the baby stories. She always asks about things she can do with the baby once it is here like holding hands or cuddling. I have been very absent from here as we are pretty busy with work and everything but I am trying to get on as much as I can! Have a good week!


Week 13: Look at my belly! I cannot believe how much I am actually showing already. I am already in a whole new wardrobe. My HG is letting up a bit and there are days where I will feel fine for a good half day. Addy is taking more notice to my belly and likes to tickle the baby. I have started feeling dizzy and sometimes my vision goes a bit but I read that it is normal in the second trimester. I am feeling a few flutters every now and then but nothing that tells me it’s for sure the baby. This is also a picture of my new hair color!