The Signs as Dragons

Aries - Has smoky grey scales and lengthy wings. Darts to and fro at rapid speeds with its retractable claws wielded. Likes to challenge other dragons regardless of size.

Taurus - Large, muscular and has scales that change to match the foliage in its surroundings. This camouflage allows it to catch prey with ease. Avoids involvement with other dragons.

Gemini - Two heads and two separate necks adorned with crystals jutting out in every angle. Hisses at the other head frequently. Has brilliant copper scales and can spit blazing hot flames. Very social.

Cancer - A water serpent with opalescent scales that shimmer in the sunlight. Eats nothing but sea creatures and is very territorial and protective. Fosters baby dragons.

Leo - Breathtaking serpent that lives in a sea of jewels and gold. Generally mellow unless you touch its treasure. Its scales match the color of its riches so it will attack you by surprise.

Virgo - Polished scales that are pearl white. Perfectly aligned black spikes and an impressive wingspan. Prefers isolation but enjoys the company of their mate. Competitive and picky.

Libra - As elegant and refined as a dragon can be. Has scales that vary from pink to lavender. Exhales a gas that induces sleep. Intelligent, easy to tame, and very cautious.

Scorpio - A slender dragon with crimson scales and eyes. Black jagged spikes run down its back. The black speckles on its rear and tail indicate that its venomous. Aggressive and easily provoked.

Sagittarius - Has charcoal black scales that are non-reflective and broad wings. Its eyes are bright green. Rarely stationery and is commonly found interacting with other dragons.

Capricorn - Almost never seen unless searched for. Known to exhale shards of ice when threatened and has light blue or silver scales. Peaceful and secluded, lives in high altitudes.

Aquarius - Most feral looking – long snout with sharp jaws. Acid drips from its mouth almost constantly. Has dull green scales and short legs. Very interesting to spectate but not safe to.

Pisces - Its scales change color depending on mood. So they change frequently. Always seen tailing another dragon that it finds attractive. Gentle and coy nature.

going through childbirth:
  • Aries female:"gET THE FUCK OUT OF ME"
  • Aries male:*iPhone click* "GREAT PICTURE!!!" *smiling like a fool*
  • Taurus female:sUPER HAPPY, CALM AND EXCITED.
  • Taurus male:*Holding hands with the mother*
  • Gemini female:"Where's the head now- OW!"
  • Gemini male:*Smiles and waits to hold the baby impatiently.*
  • Cancer female:"please let this be over." *remembers a fucking baby is coming out* "omg omg omgomgomgomgmg"
  • Cancer male:"if i screw up putting this in the car i'm a terrible father."
  • Leo female:*Screams and almost breaks the hand she's holding.*
  • Virgo female:*Gets it done perfectly and carefully even if the pain sucked.*
  • Virgo male:*Comforts the mother and jumps to the baby when he hears crying.*
  • Libra female:"i'm fine... i'm fine... is it cute?"
  • Libra male:*Calms the mother down and listens to anything she says.*
  • Scorpio female:*Too drugged up to talk, barely remembers anything but still super happy and thinks the baby is the most beautiful thing in the world.*
  • Scorpio male:"Hey doc, IS THIS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN?!?!"
  • Sagittarius female:"fucking SHIT!!!!!!! FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCKFCIFYFCKC"
  • Sagittarius male:"Nature is so weird. WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!?"
  • Capricorn female:-what? it's out already?
  • Capricorn male:*Cool, calm and collected until the baby is out, that's when he freaks out while cutting the cord - does cutting the cord hurt the baby????*
  • Aquarius female:*breathes just like he doc is telling her to*
  • Aquarius male:*watches the baby come out to understand the process*
  • Pisces female:"it's all for a good cause... fUCK."
  • Pisces male:"nO NO NO NO NO WHAT"


We are asking all Leopard Gecko owners, lovers, and supporters to join us in our Anti Sand Movement (ASM). 

While Leos are not the only reptile able to catch a disease called Mouth Rot, we’re owners of these precious little creatures, and they’ll be leading us off!


For more information on Mouth Rot and its symptoms and causes, visit our blog or simply post your questions, we’re trying to raise awareness to save your geckos!